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Silver Devil - Paralyzed

Silver Devil
by Cullen Baldridge at 04 July 2019, 12:33 AM

SILVER DEVIL is a band from Sweden, "Paralyzed" is their follow up to their self-titled debut from 2011, they are another band I have personally never heard of but I skimmed through a few songs and I am thinking I will end up showing some love for these guys.

"Howl" begins with a storm and thunderous guitars, with the drums and bass pushing from behind and between each guitar note perfectly, the vocal fall in flawlessly "Rivers" comes in with a boom boom, that is delivered by Strom, I thought it was cool but the storm before the music seems to make things pop, so I guess it actually serves a purpose other than being cool. "Paralyzed" as you may have figured out is the title track, it starts out with a cool riff, the drumming is bad ass, the bass lines are cool but the vocals basically sound the same as all the songs that have come before this one, I may not be showing as much love as I thought.

"Nightwalker" I feel like I've heard this song before, oh yeah, it sounds like ever song that came before it on this album, I hope that's what they were going for. "No Man Traveller" is some more of the same, I would like to say if you liked one song, you might like them all but my interest faded fast.

"Octopus" starts out with what seems to be a report about an aggressive octopus, Hamqvist and Molins guitar work is nothing short of amazing, Lofstrand actually toned down his vocals in this song,  not a lot but a welcome change nevertheless. "Hyper Sleep" has a cool into, it is almost BLACK SABBATHish, Bargkvist bass talents shine in the song.

All and all, these guys are very talented, there vocals sounding the same. In almost every song is my biggest issue, I try to be open minded when doing an album review but when an entire album basically sounds the same, it's hard for me.

Songwriting 6
Originality 7
Memorability 6
Production 8

3 Star Rating

1. Howl
2. River
3. Paralyzed
4. Nightwalker
5. No Man Traveller
6. Octopus
7. Beast
8. Hypersleep
9. The Grand Trick
Anders Lofstrand - Vocals
Jonas Hamqvist - Guitar
Otto Molin - Guitar
Marcus Strom - Drums
Erik Bergkvist - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 16 October 2019

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