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Silver Dust – The Age of Decadence

Silver Dust
The Age of Decadence
by Jess at 22 August 2017, 2:07 PM

SILVER DUST is a Rock band that formed in early 2013 and released their debut full-length album “Lost in Time”, in May of the same year. That’s pretty impressive, even more so than that, in less than a month after release, they played at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. The band has been playing live shows and touring Europe ever since. SLIVER DUST takes pride in their live performances and really put on a show. They are steampunk in style in a Tim Burton universe. Originally, their sophomore album “The Age of Decadence” was released in March of 2016, but was re-released in June of 2017 after signing with Fastball Music. The album comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of 42 minutes.

 The opening track “Welcome” comes in hard with an incredible guitar that is melodic and hooking. The drums liven and lighten up the track a bit. The bass is low and helps keep a certain depth. The vocals are really great, and add a fun pop. There are some incredibly low growls pieced in here, generally before the chorus. The most prominent vocals are a sung Rock type. They show off an immense range and a bit of power behind them. You can tell in this track, with the spoken pieces throughout, that it was made for a live show. While the track is good, I see this song performed extraordinarily well. It has a fun, carnival feeling to it. It is a great opener.

My Hear Is My Savior”, track three, comes in soft with a bit of a Symphonic feel with some synth use, with a Techno vibe. The vocals are muted as a clear enhancement to the track. The chorus brings in most of the really good guitar work, as well as a Bluesy drum. The guitar solo at the end of the track is phenomenal. There is clear and pure talent. It is almost anthem like.

Track five “Princesse de ma chair” is super synth heavy in the opening 30 seconds. This track is full on French. You get bits and pieces of the language throughout the album up to this track, but this one is full on, just like the Techno vibes. There is a real talent seen in the guitars up to this point, and this track is no different. There is a more of a Rock infusion with this track. It shows creativity in the writing as well as some boundary pushing.

The title track, and track seven comes in much harder with angry guitars that slide into a Symphonic sound you would hear (and fear) in a haunted house attraction. The band really gets the chance to shine here. While there is some atmosphere, the guitars pretty much lead the way. You can just hear, probably feel more so, the bass in this track. There is an interesting Middle Eastern flare throughout the track and is enhanced with the addition of the female vocals. This is an epic track and I can see how this one would be the namesake of the album. There are so many elements in this track, including an art rarely found, that it takes multiple listens before taking it all in.

The final track, “Forgive Me”, has a bit of a Spanish flare. The guitars are phenomenal. The plucking sets the tone for this track right away and the addition of the female vocals also play a part in enhancing the aforementioned flare. This track gives off a sad, ending feeling. Perfect for the end of an album, but the energy is just so heartbreaking. The outro is beautifully done and there was no better end than what “Forgive Me” could give.

SILVER DUST’s “The Age of Decadence” is a Rock lovers dream. Literally. This album is straight out of a dream world. There is so much fun in every track. The musical elements go from Symphonic to Techno to Hard Rock and back again. Not to mention the underlying flares they throw in. “The Age of Decadence” is creative and shows a talent for not only music but for art itself. Give this Rocker a whirl.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome
2. Heaven Knows
3. My Heart Is My Savior
4. Shame On You
5. Princesse de ma chair
6. Morte d’aimer
7. The Age Of Decadence
8. Now We Request
9. The Judgment Day
10. Forgive Me (Acoustic Ver.)
LORD CAMPBELL - Vocals and Guitar
TINY PISTOL – Guitars and Vocals
Record Label: Escudero Records


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