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Silver Mammoth - Western Mirror

Silver Mammoth
Western Mirror
by Dani Bandolier at 26 June 2020, 4:15 AM

Family relatives Hairy, Fuzzy and Wooly have no similarity at all to SILVER MAMMOTH (2010) based in São Paulo, Brazil. It seems the band at one time featured the father and son singer-guitar player team of Marcelo and Marcelinho although it is unclear Jr.’s exact involvement with this latest release.  Of the 12 songs on “Western Mirror”, 8 are new songs, 1 is a recording from their debut album and 3 are covers from BLACK SABBATH, MOTÖRHEAD and AC/DC. Vamos molhar o biscoito, sim?

‘For Whom The Bells Cry’ apes the ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ hook for a moment then makes a turn into a a slow groove with Marcelo showing a touch of Ozzy in the vocals on this song and a few others on “Western Mirror”. Renato Haboryni and Daniel Agostino join forces in ‘Like a Blind Man’ to bring the big 80’s rock fighting hard as steel while Marcelo sings about snakes dying and needing a hug. ‘Beethoven´s Darkside’ is a squealy riffer about the ol’ Ludvig Von and his less illuminated parts. The man was blind so he had to have a darkside – at the very least the inside of his eyelids were dark. ‘Western Mirror’ is a ballad. Daniel Agostino deals out some fine drum and percussion death riffs as heard on ‘Symptom Of The Universe’. ‘Let´s Find The Sun Together’ actually brings a tear to me eye as Marcelo channels Lou Reed for a few brief seconds. Gawd, I miss that guy. ‘Roll Blues’ lurches along, not quite achieving a roll. ‘Natural Love (Acoustic Version)’ is tender ditty with some melody. ‘White Line Fever’ has some prominent synth added to this bad-mutha MOTÖRHEAD hymn, you decide if it works or not. ‘Free Soul’ brings the music - my friend - to its end.

This is a hot heavy mix - heavy bass, heavy drums, heavy guitar. Lots of reverb on the vocals and keys. Loud. I took a quick listen to a previous SILVER MAMMOTH release; there is a bit more depth and variety to be found in the sum of their catalog. Have a listen, Yo¡!

Não tirar o cavalinho da chuva parçeiros … a Spotify lista de reprodução de dani bandolier é beleza

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. For Whom The Bells Cry
2. Like a Blind Man
3. Beethoven´s Darkside
4. Rise Up
5. Western Mirror
6. Symptom Of The Universe
7. Let´s Find The Sun Together
8. Roll Blues
9. Jailbreak
10. Natural Love (Acoustic Version)
11. White Line Fever
12. Free Soul
Renato Haboryni - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Felipe Leão - Keyboards and backing Vocals
Emerson Chakal Martuchi - Bass
Marcelo Izzo - Lead Vocals and Tambourine
Daniel Agostino - Drums and Percussion
Record Label: Oebuicaota Productions


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