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Silver Phantom - Crimson Cabaret Award winner

Silver Phantom
Crimson Cabaret
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 22 November 2022, 1:23 PM

Denmark is a country with a long tradition in Metal and Rock ‘n’ Roll and no one can deny such words. It’s obvious that the fame of the country resides on acts as BRATS, MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMONG, ARTILLERY, VÖLBEAT and others that are into a more Heavy Metal or Hard Rock form, but it doesn’t mean that other genres have no expressive names there. And maybe the next great act of the country can be the quartet SILVER PHANTOM, because they show potential for such achievement on “Crimson Cabaret”. The music of the band is a cauldron of many different musical influences, and can be said many things depending on the musical background of the listeners: once can say that they bear some influences of Alternative Rock, others will see some early Punk Rock and Hard Rock vibrations, some touches of Occult Rock and Doom Rock (due the themes that the quartet deals on its lyrics), others will check influences of dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll on the melodies (that are easy to assimilate) and many others.

In reality, the energetic and catchy music created by the quartet can fit on many models the readers can think of, so the best is to say that it’s a very good Rock release that has the organic approach of the past, but with a modern vibe. And for sure it’s very good to have such music flowing into our ears. “Crimson Cabaret” was produced by Morten Madsen (the band’s guitarist, who also took care of the recordings), and had its mixing and mastering handle by Søren Andersen (the same one known for his works with TYGERS OF PAN TANG, Glenn Hughes, and many others). The sonority, as said above, tries to be simple and organic (what makes things easier to be reproduced on their shows), but with a defined and powerful impact that allows the fans to understand what’s being played by the quartet.

As a first release, “Crimson Cabaret” has the responsibility to present the quartet to the world. And due songs as “Crimson Cabaret” (a mighty, hooking and heavy blend between Hard Rock and Alternative Rock influences based on a strong groove created by bass guitar and drums), “Foreshadowed” (a hooking set of dynamical melodies can be heard, and what lovely guitars), “Black Lady” (a heavy song with a Rock ‘n’ Roll/Stoner Rock appeal, and what lovely melodies, with powerful vocals and backing vocals), “Circle of the Serpent” (some influences of early Hard Rock of the 70’s can be felt, along a massive set of heavy and catchy melodies), “Undying Gods” (a heavy and slow song based on a combination of weight and melodies that’s hard to resist to its seduction, and the ambience becomes sinister and darkened, as an Occult Rock band must be), and “Parasite Spirit”, one will have the idea that a new giant is rising on Danish lands.

As last words, “Crimson Cabaret” is really welcome on any collection, and SILVER PHANTOM does not only cause fright and fear, but also aspires to gain thousands of fans. Try it!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Crimson Cabaret
2. Foreshadowed
3. Black Lady
4. Shapeshifter
5. Circle of the Serpent
6. Undying Gods
7. Thrill Thrashing Light
8. Parasite Spirit
9. We Sing Along
Martin Helgren - Vocals, Bass
Morten Madsen - Guitars
Mads Møller - Guitars
Kim Kvist - Drums
Record Label: Uprising! Records


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