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Simon Says - Spin This Award winner

Simon Says
Spin This
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 09 September 2020, 12:36 PM

Many times people ask about how things were to Hard/Glam Metal (back in those days, we just called the genre Californian Hard Rock, being implicit the idea of many guys using androgynous outlooks with accessible nasty music) in the 80’s, and let me tell you: I’d do anything to trip back to 1983, when the invasion came, and to stay on an infinite time loop until 12/31/1989. Those days were made of magic, indeed. But there are some bands today that can bring the old feeling back, as the Canadian sextet SIMON SAYS, that comes putting the doors down with “Spin This”.

In reality, this album was released back in 1991, and now is being reissued once more with some bonus tracks and a new remastering. On this album, there’s the same old and good accessible form of Hair Metal from the second half of the 80’s that took radio stations by assault. It’s tender, melodic and accessible, filled with excellent keyboards parts and a solid and great work from the guitars, but with a solid rhytm from bass guitar and drums, and a great work from the vocal. Obviously some some touches of aggressiveness can be heard, and their work is similar to BON JOVI, WHITE LION and VAN HALEN did, but with a personal touch. And God, it’s so good to the ears to listen to such form of music.

The album was originally produced by the hands of Gary Moffet (guitarist from april wine) and was mastered by Steve Mann (MICHAEL SCHENKER/LIONHEART), and the sound quality is perfect, even today (and the remastering can’t change such thing you know). It sounds clean, defined and with the right instrumental and volumes.

The entire album is a fine example of the strength of such form of music that enchanted many generations, but the silky melodies and guitars arrangements of “Love Thing”, the accessible hooks shown on “Let Me Know” (a typical Glam/Hair Metal song from the 80’s, with an amazing chorus), the massive melodic weight of “Why in the World” and “Love Don’t Come Easy” (both with a Pop Rock appeal in the harmonies), and the tender “The Promise” (an instantly commercial success back then, before Grunge trash came out of its garbage can) are great moments from the original tracklist. But there are some bonuses on this version that are hard to resist as well.

Well, SIMON SAYS to “Spin This”, so you better obey, spin it and enjoy this travel!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Love Thing
3. Let Me Know
4. When I See You Standing There
5. Why in the World
6. Love Don’t Come Easy
7. The Promise
8. Simon Says
9. The One
10. New Year’s Resolution
Johnny Zatylny - Vocals
Tim Higgins - Rhythm Guitar
Darryl Stevens - Lead Guitar
Matt Coull - Keyboards
Wayne Higgins - Bass
Al Knight - Drums
Record Label: Escape Music


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