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Sin Circus - VII Award winner

Sin Circus
by Kevin Lewis at 15 September 2020, 5:34 PM

SIN CIRCUS is band out of Blackpool, England poised to take on the world. Formed in 2015 when their previous bands split, Vicky Spencer and Luke Fox have formed a unique sound by forging multiple influences into a single unit. “VII” is the bands debut record, released independently on July 7, 2020. With facets of alt-rock, punk, metal and even a little pop thrown in, this is a conglomeration that is likely to appeal to fans across genres.

“Animal” is the first song on the record and starts with a simple drum beat and vocals. Then a catchy little guitar riff creeps in. Next thing you know, the entire band is filling up the space. The song shifts and turns a few times for the verses and chorus. Shifting back and forth, this is a killer tune that shows the bands skill at tempo changes. At almost five minutes long, it also has a guitar solo with some interesting drum fills.  The solo even has more than one segment. This is a really good choice for a lead off song.

“Burn Me Green” has a keyboard intro that brings in the bass and drums next. When the guitar kicks in, the entire feel and vibe of the song shifts. In a most impressive way. “Pied Piper” also has an ambient intro before the main section of the song enters. The difference is the intro rhythm continues into the main body of the song. For a debut album, this shows some pretty technical skill for both the songwriting and arrangement. Add in the obvious skill on their respective instruments and you have a very well-rounded band.

Let’s move on to my favorite song on the record. “The Gunslinger” is SIN CIRCUS’ most complete song. The bass line, coupled with the complex drum beat gives this song serious attitude. The guitar work is muted and understated at times, in your face at others. Vicky’s vocals are a combination of harsh and clean. No growls or screams, just not delicate. Part of the solo time is given to Jacob on bass. While he doesn’t go full Cliff Burton, he does show some major chops. Again, impressive instrument skills.

“Seven” is another song with a different intro style. Keyboards and piano, woven into a soft little lilting tune that gives way to another nice guitar riff. With lyrics that appear to speak of a child having to grow up way too fast and only being able to rely on themselves, it has a bit of an angry #Metoo feel to it. The music fits the lyrics. The vocal stylings fit the song. Again, this song works on many levels.

SIN CIRCUS is a new band, they aren’t amateurs, though. They have forged their skills in previous bands and bring those skills here and show them off. In the five years sine the band was formed, they have written a series of songs that work together well. This is really good album. Some records take me time to get in to, growing on me slowly after a number of listens. This one grabbed me right off the bat.

The production of this record is good. The recording is good. The songs are really good. This is a very impressive debut. The songs flow well into each other without sounding repetitive. Each is original, yet has a similar feel. You know this is a complete album. As a concept, songs dealing with the seven deadly sins should have a connection to each other, and these do. This is not a concept album, the songs stand alone, but they all work together. This is one that will get regular play for me.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  10
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Animal
2. Burn Me Green
3. Pied Piper
4. Void
5. The Gunslinger
6. The Silence
7. Seven
8. What Now?
Vicky Spencer – Vocals
Jacob Tyndall – Bass
Luke Brandon Fox – Drums
Luis Gutarra – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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