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Sin Of God - Aenigmata Award winner

Sin Of God
by Lotty Whittingham at 16 February 2017, 8:52 PM

There's always dark spaces within the world that no-one dares to go, yet you can't help but let curiosity get the better of you. There is a dark presence in Hungary in the form of SIN OF GOD and they come armed with their evil abomination “Aenigmata”.

Their treacherous tale began in the year 2009 in the town Ambrózfalva, Hungary. From looking at pictures alone, it seems like a peaceful, quaint town; certainly, no chance of a Death Metal band ever coming from this part of the woods. It goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by the covers and there could be a layer that we aren’t often exposed to. In this case a charming town being the breeding ground of a Death Metal band, the irony is rather marvellous.

On their Facebook, they claim they have a powerful sound that carries across all their instruments. The album is concrete evidence that this is correct; it gives you more than a wakeup call with as it starts with opening tracks “The Emerald Tablet” and “Phosperous”. The prevailing vocals and finger blistering guitar techniques do a lot more than send chills down one spine.

As the album progresses it grows deeper and darker, it is a destructive weapon that unleashes darkness where ever you happen to be and wants to drag you to hell with it.
Critics of Death Metal often say it all sounds the same and you often can't understand what the vocalist is shouting/growling/screaming. If you listen to a good act like this one you can often hear many more elements to their sound and some good tunes within the sound. There is something in each track that makes each one sound a little different to the last track.

If you are after an album that’s full of aggression, chaos, and mayhem then SIN OF GOD’s “Aenigmata” is the album for you.

4 Star Rating

1. The Emerald Tablet
2. Phosphorus
3. Ignis Infernalis
4. Loss Leads Into Impiety
5. Aenigmata
6. Altered States Of Chaos
7. Deus Metamorphosis
8. The Great Lion Devours The Sun
9. The Human Worm
Zoltán Molnár - Vocals
Zoltán Borka - Guitar
Csaba Sándor - Bass
Balázs Botyánszki - Drums
László Páll - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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