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Sin7Sins - Purgatory Princess Award winner

Purgatory Princess
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 01 November 2014, 7:04 PM

SIN7SINS is a female fronted, Gothic Metal band from Rotterdam, Utrecht in The Netherlands. They released a demo in 2007, an album “Perversion Ltd.” in 2010, a second album, “Carnival of No Tomorrow” in 2012, and their third album, “Purgatory Princess”, will be released on 24th November 2014.

I love the most mega catchy “Take Your Hands Off Me” with folkish, Gothic influences, also electronic together with heavier riffs are incredible. Amazing style of chorus with a mixture of strong guitars, electronic and vocal singing with passion makes this song very memorable. Lower riffs in climate of KORN is hearable in “Heart of Stitches” and they are mixed together with Symphonic elements, Power Metal drums, electronic and nice, gentle singing by vocalist Lotus. Her vocals, together with these heavier low riffs, sound incredible! Chorus is powerful together with male vocal that make a melody. Symphonic echoes together with heavier riffs, power drums and voice with commercial pop echoes are evident in “Stronger” and sounds very nice, especially melodic singing by 2 vocalists and even Black Metal echoes.

I also love very much, the wonderful ballad “Bittersweet Dreams”, where vocalist singing in amazing gentle innocent vocal together with gentle piano. Chorus with double vocals is killer! Keys are in dark climate, Symphony elements with crazy a'la Death Metal riffs create dark style in “Say What You Want”, with screaming by a male and chorus is memorable with mix of 2 vocalist - scream by man and singing by female. Faster style in “No Tears Left” is great together with innocent singing by female and male and nice electronic. Very melodic is “Different Place Different Stage” with keys, great electronic, melodic strong riffs, duo vocals of female and male make this track just amazing!

Electronic beats with double drums in “The Great Illusion of Control” make this song very energetic, mysterious keys in “Touch of Pandora” are excellent with stronger riffs together with energetic rhythm and in “Jerusalem” are oriental sounds where beautiful catchy chorus consists of high singing woman and screaming man.

Summing it up, the album of SIN7SINS is very well done. Musicians connecting Gothic Metal with Symphonic elements, electronic, Black and Death Metal echoes and of course melodies. I'm impressed music of this Dutch band and can't wait to listen new songs of them. Every song has different schemes, other ideas. Each track is different. Musicians put inside this album their passion, their hearts and their feelings. I sincerely recommend this album. Generally their music would be loved by listeners who want to listen to unbelievable connections of Gothic, Symphonic, Death, Electronic and Modern Metal with Melody.

4 Star Rating

1. Heart of Stitches
2. Stronger
3. Take Your Hands Off Me
4. Say What You Want
5. No Tears Left
6. Bittersweet Dreams
7. The Great Illusion of Control
8. Jerusalem
9. Different Place Different Stage
10. Touch of Pandora
Lotus - Lead Vocals
Gen Morphine - Guitar, Vocals
Tristan Hex - Guitar
Corbin Crow - Bass Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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