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Sincarnate - In Nomine Homini

In Nomine Homini
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 12 August 2017, 8:29 AM

Since the fall of Socialism/Communism at the end of the 80s (and to never get back, I hope), the eastern countries of Europe are showing a great potential to breed Metal bands with very good works. In Romania, it couldn’t be different. I assume my ignorance about Romanian Metal bands, but as redemption comes to all, I have the pleasure to write a review for SINCARNATE, an excellent quintet from Bucharest. “In Nomini Homini” is their second full-length.

As many bands from eastern countries of Europe, the quintet uses a different insight on Death Metal with influences from Doom Death Metal. In the middle of the musical violence and harsh aggressiveness of the style, it’s clear a very good work on harmonies and some sad and introspective melodies that enriches their work. So we can say that SINCARNATE is a band with a strong musical personality and is here to prove that they are worthy of our attention and admiration. The sound quality that flows from the album is good. It’s raw and aggressive as the style needs to be, but it is clear enough for their work to be understood with no great difficulties. Of course it’s nothing perfect or even outstanding, it could be better (including a better care on instrumental tunes), but for now, it’s good enough.

On their nine songs, the quintet shows that their efforts resulted on a personal and somber form of music, and Irinel Cîrlan (a special guest of the band) did some vocals on the choirs. All the songs are very good, but “Attende Domine” with its brutal grasp and good contrast between grunts and clean tunes on vocals, the darkened melodies on guitars on “Agrat Bat Mahlat” (filled with fine harmonies and good tempo changes as well), the rawness that arises from “She-of-the-Left-Hand (Sophia Pistis)” (a funereal insight on the tempos, and a great work from bass guitar and drums), the slow and hypnotic riffs of “The Grand Inquisitor”, the brutality show by the band on “Lamentatio Christi” (again, a fine work from vocals), and “Dies Illa” with its nasty melodies can be said as their finest moments. But the version I have in hands has two very good bonus songs: “The Luctum Perpetuum” (a darkened and morbid mass of harsh guitars), and “Atonement” (a bit more brutal than the previous one, but filled with great melodies and fine rhythmic work).

They are very good, and with a better sound quality the next time, no one will hold SINCARNATE back, because their music can’t be restricted to their homeland.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Attende Domine
2. Agrat Bat Mahlat
3. Curriculum Mortis
4. She-of-the-Left-Hand (Sophia Pistis)
5. In Nomine Homini
6. The Grand Inquisitor
7. Lamentatio Christi
8. Dies Illa
9. L̄iwyᾱṯᾱn
10. The Luctum Perpetuum
11. Atonement
Marius - Vocals
Giani - Guitars
Cristian - Guitars
Zală - Bass
Andrei - Drums
Record Label: Hatework Records


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