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Sinister – Afterburner (Reissue)

Afterburner (Reissue)
by Lior “Steinmetal” Stein at 10 December 2014, 8:54 PM

 So now we are in 2006, back in time once again and with the legacy of the Dutch Death Metal flesh molesters, SINISTER. Following a breakup, which only lasted for two years, the Dutchmen returned, in a smaller contingent, yet by judging from that year’s album, “Afterburner”, it proved to be effective and lethal. Metal Mind Productions, which has been all over the SINISTER earlier discography, re-hatched “Afterburner” for you guys to retain past memories of this great band, and this album actually proved itself to be quite an amazing turnout and certain grabber for one to have.

So what happened with the band, which obviously affected their music for just a tad bit to be better than their last two releases? Aad Kloosterwaard and Alex Paul emerged SINISTER from the ashes along with a new member, Paul Beltman. Similar to the band’s previous vocalist, Eric de Windt, drummer Kloosterwaard left the skins and maintained the vocals while his early NO FACE SLAVE buddy, Paul retained the bass but also handled the guitars. That left Beltman behind the kit to enslave it to his will. SINISTER were a trio effort, at least in the studio.

As far as musicality goes, I really admired what SINISTER done here. Apparently, several of the tracks of “Afterburner” were essentially resurrected material of NO FACE SLAVE along with fresh tracks. It was somewhat difficult for me to distinguish which was which, but I took some wild guesses just for kicks. Song after song, I felt a sort of change in the band’s straightforwardness, leading to marginally complex song structures, slightly sophisticated riffery along with a general old school Death Metal approach with audacious signals of the USA Death Metal scene, picturing early DEATH and OBITUARY, both nostalgic and impressive. On the other hand, there were still those numbers that followed the band’s previous song manifolds with bludgeoning bone breaking deathly attacks. Furthermore, Kloosterwaard proved to be a great vocal grinder, somewhat reminding SINISTER early chugger Mike Van Mastrigt, which already found his way to the neighboring Brutal Death Metallers, HOUWITSER. Paul showed signs of being SINISTER high and mighty commodity, slashing with rhythm guitar mania scratched with several melodic indications that sounded quite refreshing considering the band’s heritage, of course along with pouring several nice soloing. Mr. Beltman simply continued Kloosterwaard role, following the same aggression that bolstered through the latter’s abilities.

As I stated earlier, I have no knowledge which of the songs were actually SINISTER origins, but I believe that I have stumbled upon some crackers. “Afterburner”, the track, is a fine merger between the band’s earlier doctrine along with an unmistakable American approach, I could even refer to that one as rather catchy for Death Metal. “Presage of the Mindless” is an assorted number, issuing several iconic ideas, which I believe could have been explored further. “The Grey Massacre”, the opening tune, is an assault in the spirit of SINISTER regime, mercilessly thrashing up the place with double bass drum craze. “Flesh of the Servant” is what I recognized the next stage of development for the band, still showing destructiveness, it was like listening to an epos in parts, each serving a different imagery, between brutal Thrash and uncultivated Death Metal, filled with interesting riffery, this one truly left a mark.

Innovation or simply relying on past undertakings? Attempting to be cocky or simple wishes for more? I don’t believe that it matters. I am positive that Death Metal, and Metal, fans would find themselves in the Dutchmen’s realm.

4 Star Rating

1. The Grey Massacre
2. Altruistic Suicide
3. Men Down
4. Afterburner
5. Presage of the Mindless
6. Into Submission
7. The Riot Crossfire
8. Flesh of the Servant
Aad Kloosterwaard - Vocals
Alex Paul - Bass / Guitars
Paul Beltman – Drums
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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