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Sinner - Brotherhood Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 14 September 2022, 1:55 PM

To have a long career in Metal one must have gust and balls, because the hardships are something impossible to list, especially those times when you only lose (especially money due some dirty promoters) when you’re not a commercial success as AC/DC, IRON MAIDEN and some few others. And although not being at such a level, the German legend SINNER is here again, for another round with “Brotherhood”.

Different from other works of Mat Sinner (a legendary musician and producer into German Metal scene), the band uses a more melodic and accessible form of Heavy Metal that’s plenty of Hard Rock influences (hear “Brotherhood” to check these words) that made the band a giant into German scene. It’s something obvious if one thinks that the band started back on 1980 (so it’s not a sin to treat it as a pioneer on German Metal scene as important as GRAVE DIGGER, HELLOWEEN and others). But even after such long years and not bringing something different from the usual, this album is really a surprise due the quality of its songs. Mat, as usual, produced the album (with the help of his long partner on SINNER and PRIMAL FEAR, Tom), having Sebastian Roeder and Mitch Kunz on the recording (this last one mixed the bonus track of the physical version, “When You Were Young”), and Jacob Hansen and the mixing and mastering. All their efforts were done to create a solid and heavy sonority for the album, but with things being defined and understandable for the fans. And the final result is really great. Oh, pay attention to the invited guests of the album: Dave Ingram, Erik Martensson, Giorgia Colleluori, Lisa Müller, Mark Basile, Neil Witchard, Oliver Palotai, Ralf Scheepers, Ronnie Romero, Sascha Krebs, Stef E., and Tom Englund.

Musically, “Brotherhood” is filled with the same energy of younger bands, and with an appeal that’s hard to resist, because all the tracks are really very good. But for having a first experience on the album, check “Bulletproof” (a heavy and melodic song that follows the same model of German Metal bands, or in other words, fine melodic arrangements with the right amount of musical weight, and what solid work on bass guitar and drums), the charming hooks heard on “We Came to Rock” and “Reach Out” (this last one bears many accessible elements, even with the weight unleashed by the guitars), the clear Hard Rock trend of “Brotherhood” (this has some influences that reminds the 80’s catchy feeling, especially due the vocals and backing vocals on the chorus), the brutal heavy grasp of “Refuse to Surrender” (that shows that the quartet isn’t stopped on time, because some modern feeling flows from its melodies, and especially due the slow approach on the tempos), the melancholic and commercial appeal of “The Last Generation” (remembering: to have some commercial appeal isn’t a sin), the massive weight shown by the guitars on “The Rocker Rides Away”, and the melodic and deep “40 Days 40 Nights”. But as said above, a bonus song is presented on the physical version of the album: “When You Were Young” (a version for the American Rock band THE KILLERS, of their 2008 album “Tom’s Town”, here presented in a modern and heavier version, of course).

From heavier moments to accessible parts, “Brotherhood” is really a great release, and it shows clearly that (different from many others) SINNER is far from retirement, for the sake of all fans of good Metal music.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Bulletproof
2. We Came to Rock
3. Reach Out
4. Brotherhood
5. Refuse to Surrender
6. The Last Generation
7. Gravity
8. The Man They Couldn’t Hang
9. The Rocker Rides Away
10. My Scars
11. 40 Days 40 Nights
12. When You Were Young (THE KILLERS Cover) (Bonus Track (physical only!))
Mat Sinner - Vocals, Bass
Tom Naumann - Guitars
Alex Scholpp - Guitars
Markus Kullmann - Drums
Record Label: Atomic Fire Records


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