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Sinnery – Black Bile

Black Bile
by Ricardo Casagrande at 30 September 2022, 2:36 PM

Formed in Herzliya, Israel in 2012, SINNERY is set to release their new highly anticipated album Black Bile via Exitus Stratagem Records on September 16. The Thrash metal quartet put out their first demo in 2013 titled Showing Teeth and in 2016 they released a full-length album called A Feast of Fools. What followed was massive amounts of touring throughout Israel in support of the album. Early this year they were able to release three singles in support of the upcoming album. They have shared the stage with acts like TANKARD and OLIVER/DAWSON SAXON and now with a new album in hand, they look to hit the road again in time for the end of festival season.

There is something that comes across to me when listening to this album and it is not only a viciously aggressive form of Thrash metal, but it is also fun. To listen to at home, at a party, live if given the chance, it just comes across as a good time and I think the fact that the guys enjoyed putting the album together and playing together comes out in the music and overall vibe of the band itself. The opening track “The Burning” is a fast-paced trip with catchy hooks, tight drumming, and riffs galore. Alon maintains a powerful packed vocal performance that stands out in the face of chaos around it. The second track “Black Bile” became the title of the album after the band felt that it best represented what they wanted to achieve with the album when it was all said and done. The vocals remind me of a CHILDREN OF BODOM or TRIVIUM in how they are delivered. The song is well structured with machine gun drums and finishes off with a GOJIRA style riff just when you think it was all over.

“Who Will Be Eaten First” features a great duo of guitar solos and mind-numbing drums as it is a politically driven thrash metal banger. A pit pleaser for sure. There are more slower songs on the album but with the decreased tempo, the band seems to make up for it with a heavier set up musically as all the instruments are adding fuel to the fire. “Sever” and “Holes” would be prime examples for this and although there may be less lightning, the thunder always follows. Saar’s bass influences these songs as it stands out more as the rhythm section stands tall allowing the guitars to build and create around them. “Sever” is a lyrically heavy song that deals with low times and breaking away from them to better yourself, whereas the latter is quite personal, and I will not go into details about it. Gravitating towards the ultra-paced Thrash that we all love is the track “Anti Tribe”. Thrashy guitars settling into riffs with trembling bass and ravaging drums, what is there to not like about it. The last track I will talk about is “Hanged From The Sun” which was to be the name of the album before it was Black Bile and is a mix of tempos and forceful vocals. The music at times is raw and delivered with a vengeance while building from melodic guitars, giving into a nice solo eases itself into the track.

The release will hit the spot for anyone looking for a taste of Thrash metal. The songs are full of riffs that vary between the slower and heavier, to the more down right menacingly fast. The album was about six years in the making and has the feeling of being pieced together to the way the band wanted. The album was mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde who is no stranger to putting his touch on some great Thrash albums and this one is no different as it sounds great from beginning to end. A very good sophomore release that should be a crowd-pleaser when they come to a venue near you.


4 Star Rating

1. The Burning
2. Black Bile
3. Who Will Be Eaten First
4. Sever
5. Anti Tribe
6. Mouthful
7. Hanged From The Sun
8. Bleak
9. Here Below
10. Holes
Alon Karnieli – Vocals, Guitars
Idar Kringel – Guitars
Saar Tuvi – Bass
Matan Carlos Mandelbaum – Drums
Record Label: Exitus Stratagem Records


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