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Sins of Omission - Flesh On Your Bones (CD)

Sins of Omission
Flesh On Your Bones
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 01 November 2001, 3:11 AM

It was way past midnight when the large, wooden clock I have hanging on the bedroom wall, reminded me that there were plenty of hours ahead (unfortunately) for me to listen to some new albums that arrived a week (or so) ago…
I made a random selection and picked Sins of Omission out of the pile.
At first, I thought Oh Christ, what's this?, just when I read the band's name, read the album's name and took a quick look at the cover. Of course I don't judge bands by that way, it's just the first impression you always get when looking at an album for the first time.
Have I ever mentioned that Sweden always left me with a smile on my ugly face, whenever I happened to listen to a band that's from there and plays Swedish/Death Metal? Sins of Omission is another Swedish band with some really nasty intentions! Flesh on Your Bones is actually their second album. Note that the band always had problems finding a singer and keeping him! It seems as if this time they've managed to establish a steady line-up (I hope!).
Flesh on Your Bones has the usual Death vocals (of the kind) with some clear vocals (like in The Rape… for example - power vocals for a moment!) but 99% is pure Death(ex-A canorous Quintet singer Mårten Hansen). The guitars are really cool! They go from heavy (and acoustic!) to fast-thrashing, death-whipping, heart-breaking rhythms! Drums and Bass are nothing special but serve the purpose just fine.
Generally speaking, everything seems to be ok except for one thing that really ought to have been at least slightly better. I'm referring to the production of the album. The sound could have been a bit clearer and the drums a bit louder maybe…
In Flesh On Your Bones you'll find (by my opinion) an excellent acoustic song, called …Of Innocence, Angel Killers and The Rape… which represent this band better than the other songs(I think) and Angel of Death which is a quite good cover for none other than the famous song by Slayer (boy do I like this Swedish Death Version of the song!).

3 Star Rating

The Secret Agenda
Pound For Pound
Angel Killers
The Rape…
…Of Innocense
A Wicked Slaughterhouse Tale
The Grinder
Sinners Redemption
Angel of Death
Mårten Hansen - Vocals
Mattias Eklund - Guitar
Dennis Ekdahl - Drums
Thomas Fällgren - Bass
Martin Persson - Guitar
Record Label: Black Sun Records


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