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Sinsaenum – Repulsion for Humanity Award winner

Repulsion for Humanity
by Brian “Metal” Morton at 16 September 2018, 11:01 PM

Today I have the multinational Death Metal band SINSAENUM and their latest release “Repulsion for Humanity”. With current and former members of multiple well known acts, SINSAENUM is it’s own entity. The band formed in 2016 but was in the making since as early as 1998. This is the bands second full length album since the release of 2016’s “Echoes of the Tortured”. This super group is one of the best I have encountered in quite a while.

The first song shares the same name as the album “Repulsion for Humanity”. It is a great insight into how the whole album is, Brutal, Angry and in your face. The Guitars played by Stephane Buriez and Frederic Leclercq are absolutely insane! The duel Vocals of Sean Zatorsky and Atilla Csihar are phenomenal. Heimoth’s bass lines are laid down perfectly. And Joey Jordison’s Drum work is immaculate. The band doesn’t let up for one moment to breathe on this fast paced epic masterpiece.

“Final Resolve” comes in at track two and it’s just as in your face as the first song. It has an Old School Death Metal feel mixed with Modern Death Metal. The Guitar solos are pristine and add beauty to such an intense song. It is absolutely amazing is all I can really say about it. “Sworn to Hell” is up next and if you are a fan of MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE or GOATWHORE, you are going to really love SINSAENUM!!! This track had me headbanging from the first note to the last. Hopefully they go on tour, I would buy a ticket the moment they went on sale and I tend to not go to shows much anymore.

Next up is “I Stand Alone” this almost six minute song is a wonderful change to have on such a brutal album. I am usually not a fan of clean vocals being mixed with Death Metal but they worked great on this track. “Rise of the Light Bearer” jumps right back into being well constructed Death Metal. It’s the shortest song on “Repulsion for Humanity” but that doesn’t make it any less powerful than any other song on it. Short and to the point AKA face melting.

“Manifestation of Ignorance” really could be labeled a Doom Metal song for the first half of it which is fucking amazing! Then boom like an explosion in your face the second half kicks in. They really tear the house down on this one, it’s for sure going into my playlist for driving to work to get me pumped for the day. This is hands down one of the best on the album so far. “Sacred Martyr” is really energetic and a great way to get back into the fast pace of the album. Everything from the Guitars and Bass to the Vocals and Drums are laid down to perfection. It’s definitely another one of my favorites so far, but they have all been awesome.

“My Swan Song” is the eighth song on the album and is a staggering eight minutes and sixteen seconds long. It kinda reminds me of DEVIL DRIVER a bit if they went more towards Death Metal. “Nuit Noire” what can I say other than SHREDS FOR DAYS! It is a really well written song but slightly different from it’s predecessors.

Now we have come to the second to last song “Insects”, another bad ass song from them. It fades off midway only to come full circle and bless your ears with the same intensity that the album began with. Now onto the finale the nine and a half minute song “Forsaken”. It starts off with a sound similar to THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT and then fades into an epic  Blackened Death Metal track. This song is truly the most evil sounding on the album. It has everything from Doom To Death and Black Metal and a hint of Symphonic Metal all mixed into one magnum opus. By far the best song on the album. Every member did a fantastic job on this one as well as the rest of “Repulsion for Humanity”.

I am really happy I was able to review this one. I really hope we get another album in the future as this is one I will be listening for years to come. I highly recommend picking this one up as soon as possible, you're missing out if you don't! Great job SINSAENUM keep up the exquisite music and congrats on a job well done!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Repulsion for Humanity
2. Final Resolve
3. Sworn to Hell
4. I Stand Alone
5. Rise of the Light Bearer
6. Manifestation of Ignorance
7. Sacred Martyr
8. My Swan Song
9. Nuit Noire
10. Insects
11. Forsaken
Heimoth – Bass
Joey Jordison – Drums
Stephane Buriez – Guitars
Frederic Leclercq – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Sean Zatorsky – Vocals
Atilla Csihar – Vocals
Record Label: Earmusic


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