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Siren's Rain - Rise Forth

Siren's Rain
Rise Forth
by Kevin Lewis at 28 September 2021, 2:31 PM

SIREN’S RAIN is a Folk Metal band from the United States formed in 2014. Headquartered in Washington, this is a five-piece band that plays a variety of instruments and honors a variety of influences, including ELUVEITIE, one of the pre-eminent folk metal units. "Rise Forth" is their debut full-length record. It will be released independently on October 8, 2021.

The record opens with a minute long intro, aptly titled “Prologue.” Using ambient sounds and spoken word, this the mood and theme for the entire record. This is followed by “Keeper,” a six-minute song that begins with animal and insect sounds, gruff vocals and an old stringed instrument. The lighter tones of the strings, which I think is a mandolin, are really different than the vocals. The contrast continues even after the modern instruments kick in. The mandolin stays in the song, providing a cool offset sound to the pounding rhythm.

The title track also has a slower intro before going all out in the main passage. Here, the guitars are very prominent, though the mandolin is underneath. The bass and drums are again a solid wall of sound. The riff seems to bounce off of it. The vocals are both clean and guttural. There are a few nice, belted phrases used that show the range of the vocalist. We also have shouted vocals as well. He is not singing, instead using a louder spoken tone to emphasize the lyrical passage. Then there are the grunts to punctuate the guitar riff. Interesting, and effective use of sounds.

Pennies for the Ferryman” starts with an almost doom metal style intro before kicking in to the main riff. The sludgy tones of the intro really set the mood for the coming song. The vocals are a good mix of clean and growl. Again, the rhythm section drives the song, galloping along, keeping the whole thing paced right and hitting hard enough to be felt in the chest.

The final lyric song is the epic, nine minute “Discarded Hope.” It starts with some good vocalizations, soaring along over the opening of the song. Just a little light drum, some gentle guitar strumming and the nyckelharpa hanging underneath the vocalizations before the drums transition to an almost BLITZKRIEGAm I Evil” style riff. This is the song that displays the overall writing talent of the band. A few nice shifts and really good usage of the folk instruments to embellish the song.

The record closes with “Folk Metal Funk,” a rough song that sounds more like a jam session than anything else. The song is counted in, like a live recording. The guitar solo is killer, the funky rhythm sounds a little off under the rock guitar at first but turns out that it works. It really is funk and metal, played with modern and folk instruments. It takes a few listens, but the song is exactly what it should be with that title.

This record is a little raw. The production feels a little rough. The songwriting is good and the playing is as well. The sound they are going for is very evident. The intent of the record hits. Combining modern and folk instruments to create a unique soundscape that takes listeners on an epic journey. SIREN’S RAIN definitely succeeds at providing a tale that engages the senses. Not just the ears, but the mind as well.

I enjoyed this album. I am really digging folk metal. I love the uniqueness of the sounds created by using old instruments. Bands like ELUVEITIE and CELLAR DARLINGS have really opened up new realms with the use of these, and now we have SIREN’S RAIN adding to that. Music just keeps getting more eclectic and entertaining thanks to bands like these who dare to push the boundaries farther than before. I’m here for it!

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  7

4 Star Rating

1. Prologue
2. Keepers
3. Corporeal Chains
4. Rise Forth
5. Borderline
6. Pennies for The Ferryman
7. 13 Steps to Hell
8. Discarded Hope
9. Folk Metal Funk
Rena Hellzinger – Vocals/Percussion/Harp
William Beritich – Bass/Backing Vocals
Scott Eugene Jones – Drums/Percussion
Ed Miller – Guitar/Nyckleharpa/Backing Vocals
Michael Heaney – Guitar/Mandolin
Record Label: Independent


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