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Siren - The Row

The Row
by Eli Hohozia at 06 January 2015, 2:12 PM

The Italian Alt-Rockers SIREN put out a great release for you guys. "The Row" is a really nice Alt-Rock that isn't falling too hard into the Indie category and retains some straight Rock elements instead. Short and to the point, most tracks don't pass the 4 minutes. It's a nice and smooth listen. Catchy and on point. Some tracks would definitely fit a nightly road trip across the desert. Pleasant and smooth, just like Winston Lights.

The opening track "Swan's Tale" is a delight. A soothing ballad that isn't trying too hard, but is what it is. The vocal melodies, which also feature a female vocalist are on point. Feel so right, not too raw, not processed either. Definitely the right track to start the album with. The next few tracks are a bit heavier, yet retaining some softness. "Mission" is a nice track that has a Punk-Rock vibe to it. While "Lonely Dance" is a bit more intricate and interesting track. Gives an urban night vibe. A track you'd like to hear while riding a taxi. Has a nice synergy of all roles. What I really like is the real use of the secondary vocalists, they're not neglected and it definitely adds to the work. The solo in this track reminds some Tom Morello work.

"Track 92" is definitely one of the gems in the release. A salute to "Don't Fear The Reaper" of the Blue Oyster Cult. I won't say it's a rip off, but a tribute. Siren add their own flavor into it. With appropriate heaviness. It doesn't feel like a desecration.

"Love Is Gone" doesn't have the greatest lyrics, honestly. But the music writing here is pleasant. Great riffs and bassline and energetic drumbeats.

"Roger Sabbath" goes more into the Hard Rock territory. More intricate guitar melodies, a consistent following drumbeat. A solid track that feels in its place.

The ending track "Falling Down" is well in place. Is that a violin in the background? An intricate song, a fusion of different feeling and rhythms and a flowing slowly. This song ventures into so many different places. Consistent vocals that convey appropriately the emotion in the lyrics and music. The violin adds greatly.

What I like in this release is the way it's put together. Great opening and ending tracks with character, and what's in the middle ventures into different areas of rock music. It's not the heaviest of rock records, and it doesn't do anything new, but it has some interesting solid character that it relies on heavily and the way it explores it is worth the listen.

4 Star Rating

1. Swan's Tale
2. Dr. Saint
3. Mission
4. Lonely Dance
5. Track '92
6. Love Is Gone
7. Wave
8. Roger Sabbath
9. Carpet
10. Spit
11. Falling Down
Samuel Frondero - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jack Nardini - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Marcus Kawaka – Bass, Vocals, Synth
Mark "Spud" McKenzie - Drums
Record Label: Red Cat Records


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