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Sissy Spacek - Ways of Confusion

Sissy Spacek
Ways of Confusion
by Brian “Metal” Morton at 15 July 2018, 3:57 AM

“SISSY SPACEK’S” new “album” “Ways of Confusion” is just that. A way to confuse me on how one would call this music. Its honestly fifteen minutes of my life I will never get back. It's as if it starts off with car wreck that ends up falling down a mountainside, continues tumbling and then gets hit by a passing train which derails, flies into a military base that sets off ten thousand pounds of explosives.

My first thought was “Is this Barry White for banshees?” From beginning to end it has no real direction. If this is the future of metal, I will be happy to start listening to Taylor Swift. Its bad enough we have bands like “Limp Bizkit” tarnishing the name of metal, we don't need to add to that with pure noise. I honestly have nothing good to say about this hot garbage so I will try to keep this short. “Charlie Mumma” and “John Wiese” please do metal a favor and just stop. Go get some music lessons and try again. There should never be a total of thirty nine songs on one album.

And for those of you out there who enjoy Noise, I do apologize but I cannot in good faith lie and give this a good review. But if you do enjoy Noise Metal/ Noisegrind then you will probably love this. You do not have to consider my opinion on this and feel free to purchase their album on Bandcamp. “SISSY SPACEK” I do feel bad for bashing this so hard, but this is not music.

Songwriting: 1
Memorability: 1
Originality: 1
Production: 1

0 Star Rating

1. Encircled
2. Globe
3. Leaving
4. Alienator_Distancing
5. Corner
6. Mock Bewilderment
7. Sleeping Assistant
8. Atrophy
9. None of the Above
10. Storm
11. Beset
12. Usain Bolt
13. Braking
14. Series of Teeth
15. Outer Dialogue
16. Body Premise
17. Trauma Level
18. Balloon Assassins
19. Color
20. Familiar
21. Bread Hook
22. Numbing Solution
23. Simulcast
24. Victory
25. Evidence of Others
26. Permanent Contradiction
27. A Priori
28. Cosmetic Frog
29. No Return
30. Slant
31. Relay
32. Time Killer
33. Simulation
34. Surrounding
35. All Walks
36. Variation on Labyrinth
37. Filth Slate
38. Entropic
39. Alphabets
Charlie Mumma- Drums
John Wiese- Noise/Vocals
Record Label: Independent Release


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Edited 22 August 2019

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