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Sisters Of Suffocation - Brutal Queen

Sisters Of Suffocation
Brutal Queen
by VR at 07 January 2017, 10:35 PM

In the year 2014, in Eindhoven, Netherlands, vocalist Els Prins and guitarist Simone Van Straten, joined forces and started playing Extreme Metal Music, and this was the seed of the band SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION. The lead singer has said on previous occasions that it was her dream to have an all-girl Death Metal band and it led to fruition when she met guitarist Simone Van Straten. The idea was not to find two ladies to complete the band but to find musicians that share the same wavelength. As luck would have it, Puck Wildschut on bass and Amber De Buijzer on drums, shared the same vision, and together, they would form a tight unit. The band released their first single, “Boundaries”, in 2014 and was a past of Eindhoven Metal Meeting later that year. Over the course of the next year, the band added a replacement bass guitarist in Puck Wildschut, all the while continuing to destroy and lay waste to stages all over Belgium and their native Holland. The songs that the band writes and plays have influences of Thrash Metal, as well as Black Metal and Progressive Metal. The quartet have played previously in other bands before they decided to collude and Swedish Death Metal super group, BLOODBATH, are one of their main influences. They also count bands like LAMB OF GOD, FEAR FACTORY, VADER, and ARCH ENEMY among their chief influences. The band released their first EP, "Brutal Queen", in the month of April in 2016, as well as a video for the track. The band is currently in preparation to play shows in Belgium, as well as the Stonehenge festival.

"Brutal Queen”, the title track clocking just over 3 minutes, grabs you by the throat from the outset. An old school riff blares out, and as you get into the groove of the song, deep, demonic, diabolical vocals lurch out. A killer opening to a brutal and a vicious album, the song is fast and gives no time to breathe before an abrupt end that leaves one gasping". Tales Of A Martyr" has a placid start, with the bass and the drums laying the foundation to the track. That lasts about 40 seconds into the song, after which crushing riffs and guttural lead vocals, make their presence known. An intense 5-minute song, the melody is wicked and very heavy. The chorus of this song is particularly ferocious and the intensity is outstanding. The song ends the same way it began, with a simple, evil bass hook played to the sound of bass drums and hi-hat.  "Fuck it", a song just under 5 minutes, is a violent lament about frustration and anger. The song is as aggressive as it is heavy, and the band has released a lyric video for the song. The riff is memorable and the chorus almost in the vein of Melodic Death Metal. " Host of A Dead Fetus”, the final track of this fine album starts of with drum blast beats and gruff vocals, as a partner in crime. The track shows off the singing prowess of the lead singer, as she easily navigates deep cavernous growls with high-pitched evil shrieks. The song is jam- packed with Old School riffs and is a fitting end to a headbanger of an album.

First off, the artwork of the album is a killer rendition of Archeronita Atropos, which is a moth with a skull face on it thorax, sitting amongst unnatural scenery. Talking about the tracks in the album, the band plays an impressive brand of fast, aggressive, and original Metal. This is a furious album that assails the senses and is astonishingly destructive. The fiendish vocals make a good fit with weighty riffs, controlled bass hooks, and showy drum work. The band has indeed set an incredible precedent in making original Metal that has the speed and aggression of Thrash Metal, while retaining the despondency and melancholy of Death Metal. One hopes this band carries on making new music and touring and bestowing the people of earth their brand of ripping Metal.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Brutal Queen
2. Tales Of A Martyr
3. Fuck it
4. Skinless Flesh
5. Host of A Dead Fetus
Els Prins - Vocals
Simone Van Straten - Guitars
Amber De Buijzer - Drums
Puck Wildschut - Bass
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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