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Six Feet Under - Unburied

Six Feet Under
by Katharine Hassett at 12 August 2018, 9:59 PM

It is no secret, SIX FEET UNDER is notorious for releasing low tier compilation albums in between incredibly high tier groovy death and roll albums. Chris Barnes and his project are a pillar to the death metal scene and the fans do not pull punches when it comes to releases such as the bands Itunes compilation, a Best Of and three cover albums, all of which were met with mixed to negative reception.

"Unburied" is a collection of unreleased tracks born out of the "Undead" and "Unborn" sessions. From the horses mouth (or goat's, given his vocal style): "I always thought like the tracks were excellent SIX FEET UNDER material, and wanted to finish them and release them at the time of each release, but \[…] eight songs were basically left over in the demo stages."

For the record, the burst of supremely solid albums that are "Undead," "Unborn," "Crypt of the Devil" and "Torment" are among the groups most polished work and have remained this writers regular playlist for years – a collection of albums that provide a more straight forward death metal approach without compromising the bands signature formula. It was expected for the five piece to take their usual breather – they definitely earned this one.

The nine song album prove to be exactly as advertised, very raw and unmastered tracks, with often tinny cymbals and a bit too much gain at times. "Violent Blood Eruption" starts right off the bat with a dissonant groove of layered guitars, going into a pounding blast beat that unexpectedly transitions into a breakdown that brings in a sound that is most often associated with the deathcore genre, which may throw the seasoned listener off entirely. Luckily, "Midnight in Hell" brings on the rock and roll crossover with with death metal to the table with a tasty, slow tempo groove that boils the soul as much as Barnes lamenting on electrocuting his victims and returning them to hell. "Gore Hungry Maniac" shows another standard in the the SIX FEET UNDER repertoire, a stutter stepping, technical groove, with some of Barnes' dirtiest, bong bubbling lows found on the album, obsessing over sawing through flesh and bone. Bringing the speed up a notch, "Intent to Kill" keeps the thrill for blood lust going with darkly hypnotizing grooves, but as a side: should come with a spoiler alert for the connected LP's, as it is revealed in this track the killer has "all consuming" voices that compel him to kill. This is a key plot point most listeners may have overlooked and Barnes remains to comment on this. After a buildup on drums and a dissonant pummeling, "As the Dying Scream" lays out a nasty gallop of palm mutes and and haunting chords, soon evolving back to breakneck speed with skank beats and somewhat hardcore riffage on guitars. "Skin" is a rather curious thirty seconds of too much gain that slightly cheapens all that came before, but all in all holds the same style.

All in all, this may be a release directed at the die hard fans, but if you have been digging late SIX FEET UNDER, these are tracks you want to check out.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Violent Blood Eruption
2. Midnight in Hell
3. Gore Hungry
4. Re-Animated
5. Intent to Kill
6. The Perverse
7. Posessed
8. As the Dying Scream
9. Skin
Chris Barnes - Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
Steve Swanson - Guitars
Kevin Talley - Drums
Jeff Hughell - Bass ("Unborn" only)
Ola Englund - Guitars ("Unborn" only)
Rob Arnold - Rhythm/Lead Guitars, Bass ("Undead" only)
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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