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Six Foot Six - The Six Foot Six Project

Six Foot Six
The Six Foot Six Project
by Craig Rider at 05 December 2018, 6:35 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SIX FOOT SIX; signed via Pride And Joy Music, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Heavy Melodic Metal, on their debut album entitled: “The Six Foot Six Project” (released November 16th, 2018). Since formation in 2018; the band in question have only this here album in their discography so far, entitled: “The Six Foot Six Project”. 10 tracks ranging at around 39:62; SIX FOOT SIX arrange an intricately designed formula of hard-hitting Heavy Melodic Metal developments. “Virus Inside” begins the record; conveying in an amplified aesthetic of boistrously bouncy catchiness, manifested with meticulous rhythms and riveting symphonics that utilizes versatile vehemence. The band demonstrates with diligently composed haste, distributing harmonically heavy melodies in which contrast with creatively diverse dynamics. The songwriting is especially memorable, captivated with crunchy hooks while galloping with chaotic chugs of deadly and crushing mayhem.

Consisting of Kristoffer Göbel on vocals/guitar; the front man establishes cleanly high-pitched, and flamboyant pipes of profusely robust persistency, proficiently providing thunderous riffs and solos in the epic “Bleed For Mankind”, embellishing on complex dexterity and efficient components - inserting inventively progressive technicalities. Guitar duo Anders Kiel (also on backing vocals) & Christoffer Borg consistently construct distinctively distinguishable effectiveness in songs like “Fallen Sparrow” & “Frozen In Time”; efficaciously experimenting with blisteringly unique variety. Some elements implement a hint of cheesy orientation, others amalgamate orchestral hymns with primitively malicious musicianship – with a hint of organic substances that excel with fluidly polished sound production and rapidly swift nimbleness for good measure.

Audible bassist Markus Gustafsson showcases a vast supply of thumping stomps of stampeding rampages that frolick with finesse; “Pride And Glory” (a little like the record label title) flourishes with energetic dimensions, battering with hammering grit and concrete solidity of which pummeling drummer Henrik Hedman pounds with slamming precision in “Anomina”. SIX FOOT SIX classically inject infectious grooves; maintaining a borderline foundation of dominate power, subjugated with salubrious operatic singing - converged with a pursuit of performances that will make you smile senationally. “Test Of Time” compiles enjoyably exquisite entertainment, alternatively pumped with AOR adrenaline and meaty hooks fused in one neat package. Revolved with rambunctious ramifications, juxtaposed into a barraged frenzy of enlightening captivation.

In Defiance” fulfills with more beats of tasteful tempos; engaged with articulate components, atmospheric delights and an attribute of admirably commendable adroitness. “From The Ground” jumps with similar characteristics, differentiated with remarkable relentlessness and skill. Overall concluding the “Six Foot Six Project” with the neo-classical finale song: “Ephemeral”; I discovered a band who certainly outdone themselves with this one. While it’s something that exceeded original expectations; I would not return to this one, I appreciated the listen and is definitely something for old-school rockers & modern alike - check it out at your leisure.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Virus Inside
2. Bleed for Mankind
3. Falling Sparrow
4. Frozen in Time
5. Pride and Glory
6. Anomina
7. Test of Time
8. In Defiance
9. From the Ground
10. Ephemeral
Kristoffer Göbel – Vocals/Guitar
Anders Kiel – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Markus Gustafsson – Bass
Henrik Hedman – Drums
Christoffer Borg – Guitar
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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