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Six Minute Century - Wasting Time

Six Minute Century
Wasting Time
by YngwieViking at 23 September 2013, 8:38 PM

This is album number two for SIX MINUTE CENTURY, a Progressive Power Metal band formed in 2004 in Texas upon the smoking ashes of MYSTIC CROSS, which has rapidly become one of the most renowned Shreddin' outfit in the Houston's local Metal Scene. In this particular demanding genre, it has been one of the top new Progressive / Power bands, yet still in the underground even due to its strong potential.

Once again this silver disc displays a high level of musicianship but not demonstrative by any means , the music is dominated by sharp riffage from Guitarist Don LaFon (ex-KRUCIBLE / ex-LOGAN-their 1992’s CD titled “One Step Closer” is utterly recommended) who also provide a few musical orchestrations in the vein of SAVATAGE and Co., the band SIX MINUTE CENTURY delivers a fine mix of US Metal embellished by some more Euro Metal melodies and some powerful high pitched vocal courtesy of vocalist Chuck Williams, the spicy finishing touch is a rich harmonization notion, a capacities in organizing a bunch of special intriguing arrangements under a Proggy flavor, clearly palpable in the untraditional structures, but with still a clear sake to keep the focus on the chorus hooks.

While all the musicians involved are well trained and experienced the new bass player Mr. Millsap is particularly interesting in his constant doubling mania with the lead guitar and he hold a very high position in the mix, with even a few bright solo spots, as in the instrumental cut "Czardas" in the middle of the tracklist, that's recalls me the great "Farandole" by TALAS, but with an additional slightly South-American Tango influences. Besides those undeniable qualities there is also a few weak points such as a diverging focus in the styling from the great earliest tracks and the more ordinary tunes in the last third part of the disc, maybe it's because the composition process was stretched over in years, the most evident is the lack of efficiency in the refrain department in the last numbers ("Last Days In Paradise" / ”Defining Moments”) and perhaps the production who lacks deepness.

Anyway “Wasting Time” it's a huge step forward for SIX MINUTE CENTURY since their debut release “Time Capsules” in 2008, they still have a great progression field toward them but they already succeed in bringing to the Metal community an honest album full of fierce passion. Best songs are “City Of Hope”/ “The Killing Fields” / ”Baptized In Flames” and the closing title track. 

4 Star Rating

1. 1900
2. City of Hope
3. Just Remains
4. The Killing Fields
5. Baptized in Flames
6. Paying Death’s Toll
7. Czardas
8. Last Days in Paradise
9. Needham Point
10. That Defining Moment
11. Hell’s Gate
12. Wasting Time
Chuck Williams - Lead Vocals
Michael Millsap - Bass
Mikey Lewis - Drums
Don LaFon - Guitars
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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