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Skam – Sounds Of A Disease

Sounds Of A Disease
by William Travers at 06 April 2020, 11:22 AM

SKAM (noun) great dishonour, shame or humiliation. The Swedish project from the mind of Matt Anderson (WRETCHED FATE) have released their debut full length album that incorporates elements of Grindcore, D-Beat Punk and Death Metal to create a catharsis through music. The artwork was created by Valeria Metsker of BLOOD ART and is very beautiful in its simplicity, a stripped back and decaying face, striking and memorable. Well done!

We open with “Have You Tried Not Thinking About It”. Its heavy, so so heavy. With a relentless riff and pounding drum line the brutality of the music is not lost on the listener. It is a short sharp introduction, ruthless and relentless. With “Passenger Of Decline” we have a slightly more controlled and gradual opening. There is still the presence of the same intensity encountered in the previous two tracks but it is slightly more measured with a good control of tempo and structural awareness.

With a glorious riff to open “Shit Out Of Luck” quickly became my favourite track on the album solely for the musical quality of the opening. It is again a straight up assault on the senses but it does give you a sense of despair, in fact it could be said that it makes you feel “Shit Out Of Luck” (Screw you guys that was funny). “A Stray In The Life” continues in the same manner as previously seen throughout the record. Brutal relentless riffs and the driving force of the kit. I must say that I am overly impressed with the drum line, as it is untiring and so energetic.

The titular track “Sounds Of A Disease” is a focal point of the album. But what does a disease sound like? Well, find your favourite headphones, turn it up to ten and listen to cancer scream fuck you at you for two minutes. Coming towards the end of the record one could be forgiven for thinking that Matt may take his foot of the gas. How wrong you would be, in fact, he’s dropped from 5th to 3rd and is accelerating to an ear shattering, blood pumping finish that does not compromise with anyone or anything. This is seen in “Used, Defiled, Expended” as the energy and electricity seen throughout the record has doubled down and increased exponentially to crescendo into an explosive finish.

Finally, with “Sentencing” we are treated to a calmer introduction. But do not be fooled, the build is all part of the intensity. Taking just over a minute to build into al all out sensory assault on the listener we are to witness everything that made this album a success in about a two minute window, demonstrating control of structure and pace, the high standard of musicianship and, the all out awesomeness that SKAM have been providing from the word go.

Overall, this is a great first album. It has all the makings to be a classic and to drive forward a new wave of Grindcore into the world for those who want it. I have never been a huge fan of the genre, however after listening to SKAM I can now have a better appreciation for it and will be delving further into the rabbit hole.

Song writing: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Have You Tried Not Thinking About It
2. When Liquid Is The New Solid
3. Passenger Of Decline
4. Millstone Gallows
5. Shit Out Of Luck
6. Prison Of Skin
7. A Stray In The Life
8. Echoes And…
9. Sounds Of A Disease
10. Learning To Die
11. Used Defiled Expended
12. The Face Of Decadence
13. Sentencing
Matt Anderson – Everything
Record Label: Redefining Darkness Records


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