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Skeleton Pit – Lust To Lynch

Skeleton Pit
Lust To Lynch
by Quinten Serna at 14 January 2021, 2:00 AM

Heralds of a forgotten age, or perhaps scribes of a civilization lost to the changing torrents of oversaturated media, SKELETON PIT, derives their inspiration from the classic era of Thrash and resounds in haunting and eerie detail such motifs in their music. “Lust To Lynch” covers familiar ground both for the band and the listener, but does so in mournful aggression, a kind of reverie delivered in bouts of venomous melodies.

The album begins with its title track, “Lust To Lynch” which is itself a subtle and unassuming instrumental quite divergent from the band’s usual sound—the soft and sullen piece builds up quickly as drums and strings join the atmosphere about halfway through the progression of the song, only to fade out rather quickly. ”Violent Raid” begins before the preceding song can even end, filling the soundscape with an anger and aggression intrinsic to the genre; the song possesses a crazy progression which doesn’t diverge very much during the whole of the track. Coming in near about halfway through the track “Like Vultures” starts with near a minute worth of instrumentation before the voice comes in and drives focus solely on the leading melody and lyricism; the  music weaves in and out of the varying modulations within the song seamlessly, the constant beat and unwavering guitars only add to this. “Last Blood” contains a much more aggressive tone in comparison to the tracks which come before it, owing its torrential tones to the sheer onslaught of drums and strings. The last song on the album, as well the longest track, “The Evil Horde” starts with clean strings put through a chorus type of effect before the regular band joins in—the song changes direction about halfway through shifting focus towards a different progression just in time for a solo.

The instrumentation is quite solid in reference to one another precisely fitting into one another’s groove without issue or flaw. The guitars are balanced but do draw more attention to the left channel than the right, most likely due to slightly higher midtones within the left panned guitar. The bass is insurmountably deep and socketed right within the center refocusing any attention that might have otherwise wavered, though itself is a force which sounds more hidden than propelled as it’s drowned partially by the other strings and percussion. The vocals are very well attuned to the music as their purpose is to give a song direction over its motion, which they excel at. The drums are a mixed bag, being solid and concise but unchanging and artificial all in the same capacity.

SKELETON PIT manages classic sounding tracks from their compositional prowess however their tone is more reminiscent of modern pieces, such that the music is exceptional in delivering headbanging riffs but the mixing overwhelms those elements with contemporary sounds. This album is a great addition for any fan of the band though feels a bit too polished.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Lust To Lynch
2. Violent Raid
3. Plague Of Violence
4. Skull Splitting Attack
5. Thrashorcism
6. Like Vultures
7. Awaken The Claw
8. Last Blood
9. Challenge To Kill
10. The Evil Horde
Doyle Fascinator – Bass
Lizzard Chandler – Drums
Patrick Options – Guitars and Vocals
Record Label: MDD Records


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