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SkeleToon - Ticking Clock

Ticking Clock
by Jean-Francois Poulin at 16 July 2017, 11:23 AM

I may or not be a spoiled Power Metal fan. Let's face it I was bombarded by bands and albums in the mid to late nineties. I might not have been the biggest Power Metal fan back them (my older brother was). I discovered so many bands back then and as a Metal fan since 1993, I was not keen on the style and it took me a number of years to truly appreciate some of the bands (lets be honest, not all bands are good). I may have been out of the loop a bit in the last few years in the genre. I have broaden my horizons so to speak and I do listen occasionally to some Power Metal and I do crank my stereo sometimes while listening to some of the classics I grew up with. So that may be one of the reasons why I tend not to be impressed with what is out there nowadays. Like I said, I may have been too spoiled for my own good.

This is the second full-length album from the Italian Power Metal band. I actually thought they were Swedish or Finnish to be honest, to me it sounded a lot like that type of Power Metal. I never associated the singer Tomi Fooler to being Italian, I thought he sounded more like singers, perhaps Timo Kotipelto from STRATOVARIUS or even Tony Kakko from SONATA ARCTICA.  First of all, they have an awesome cover, its a throwback to those bands back then. It's a classic and the cover art for most of these bands were pretty much always referring to some Fantasy Warfare or Medieval Stuff. It's a great cover and props the artist. The video link I put for this review is for ''Mooncry'', and God I loved this video! They inserted themselves in video games and it's a treat. I am a child of eighties and I am from the Nintendo generation so I really loved the references to games, especially Final Fight and Street Fighter which were always favorites of mine growing up!

The album is pretty much a standard Power Metal album, nothing groundbreaking, nothing really memorable to be honest. It's something I have heard over and over again throughout the years. There is no real evolution that's for sure. Its enjoyable, yes, no doubt about it, it's toe-tapping and you have some pretty nice hooks here and there. You have your prototypical Power Ballad as well, which is corny but I know some people love that stuff.

I guess the best thing about the album are the special guests on it, props to Piet Sielck from IRON SAVIOR, Jens Ludwig from EDGUY and Jonne Jarvela from KORPIKLAANI from doing awesome jobs on their respective songs. IRON SAVIOR and EDGUY being some of those bands I discovered in the 90's and it was a nice touch to have them on an album by some of their followers. Nothing earth shattering but a good album nonetheless.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Dreamland
3. Drowning Sleep
4. Night Ain't Over
5. Watch Over Me
6. Chasing Time
7. Ticking Clock
8. Mooncry
9. Falling Into Darkness
10. The Awakening
Charlie Dho - Bass
Henry Sidoti - Drums
Davide Piletto - Guitars
Andy Cappellari - Guitars
Tomi Fooler – Vocals
Record Label: Revalve Records


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