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Skullsmasher - Cranial Emulsification (Demo)

Cranial Emulsification (Demo)
by Gareth Beams at 07 August 2018, 6:15 AM

Cannibalistic Entrapment” is a frantic-fast paced opener that holds nothing back. A true Grindcore style is thrown out straight away and never slows down at all. The fast pace only lasts 102 seconds, which makes this feel more like an intro, but it’s a decent opener

 “Concrete Face Grind” has a similar frantic pace to the instrumentals, and the dark style growl vocals allow the pace to be managed well. The steady drumbeat is something less Grindcore and more Dark Death Metal but the style is growing well. The feet will tap along to this, the longest song at just fewer than 2 ½ minutes. The beat is very easy to get into

Bonehammer” has a dark growl at the start similar to Dark and Black Metal featured, but the rest is a fast paced Grindcore heavy harmony. The 63 seconds don’t really allow much to be built up, but as the song is so fast it seems more like a frenzy that you have no idea where its gone. Its over before you realize, but it acts as a base to for the next song.

With “Gutted (by Barbed Wire)”, the vocals hold on a bit longer and the song itself is less about speed. It is very similar to how the rest of the demo is, but with more control on the pace, to dictate it, speed up and slow down as justified.

Bloody Pit of Horror” is a cover by Illinois old school Grindcore kings, IMPETIGO. The pace is far faster and less control over the vocals, but they prove their own version is worth listening to. The song itself is only short, once more under 2 minutes. As with the whole album, there is little to say rather than obvious styles that you can hear throughout. Hopefully an EP or full length LP will grow and expand on this, it’s a good start, with plenty of room for improvement

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Cannibalistic Entrapment
2. Concrete Face Grind
3. Bonehammer
4. Gutted (by Barbed Wire)
5. Bloody Pit of Horror (Impetigo cover)
Vince Gutfucker - Bass
Ronnie the Butcher - Guitars, Vocals
Neil Tyrant - Drums, Vocals 
Record Label: Independent


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