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Skyclad - Another Fine Mess (CD)

Another Fine Mess
by Yiannis Mitsakos at 07 December 2001, 12:22 AM

This is Skyclad's first release with their new label, Demolition Records, and –sadly- the last one that Martin's name is reffered in. I am really sceptical on how Skyclad will sound without him, in my mind what made this band stand apart from the rest was the violin and Martin's voice.
This album has nothing new in there, but still it is a good item to own, for hardcore fans and new ones alike. It has some rare recordings for the first and it's an excellent way for a quick introduction for the later.
To be specific, the first 8 tracks were recorded during 1995 in Dynamo, a turning point for the band since it went through major member changes. The sound is crystal clear and the overall quality of the recordings is very good. Well, that's all you need to know about this part and I think that the track selection was thoroughly thought out, a good selection indeed.
Moving to the rest of the tracks, these are rare acoustic versions, recorded later the same year, with Skyclad being in an experimental mode. No need to say that these guys (and gal) would probably make a great unplugged even with kitchen appliances, so I'll just skip the part of saying how great they sound.
Ok, you got the point. It sounds like the last effort for Skyclad to make use of Martin's name and that's the only reason I won't give a higher grade. I would suggest this album to Skyclad fans, old and new ones. If you don't feel like you HAVE to buy something else, this is a good investment to complete or start your Skyclad discography.

3 Star Rating

Another Fine Mess  
Cardboard City  
Wickedest Man In The World, The  
One Piece Puzzle, The  
Still Spinning Shrapnel  
Just What Nobody Wanted  
Sins Of Emission  
Land Of The Rising Slum  
Alone In Deaths Shadow  
Spinning Jenny
Martin Walkyier- Vocals
Georgina Biddle - Violin, Keyboards
Steve Ramsey - Guitars
Graeme English - Bass Guitar
Dave Ray- Guitars
Jed Dawkins- Drums
Record Label: Demolition Records


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