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Skyfar – Fading Light Award winner

Fading Light
by Caio Botrel at 30 October 2020, 10:14 AM

As I said in the latest SKYFAR’s review, available on Metal Temple, this is an Atmospheric Black Metal band from Bulgaria, and it seems that the band was formed in 2019 and have released three albums already. The band have released one of their newest album “Fading Light” , but unfortunately, I couldn’t get much information about the band or album, so let’s go through their music and please, write something about your band on the internet.

The open track from the album is “Into the Unknown Paths” which starts with a nice synthesizer creating a dark ambiance, that is soon joined by a few pianos that plays a nice melody that slowly grows into the song. A few melodies on that track reminded me of Arabic music or at least a few scales from that culture. It has a few drums that helped shaping the whole song. It’s a nice instrumental song to start the album.

Daylight Is Fading Away” have around 7.30 minutes lengths, so it is an epic instrumental song. It starts with a nice piano and have some electronic sounds as well, which gave a different dynamic to it. There are a few choirs played by the synthesizer and it perfectly match the sound. The song starts in a darker way, but it ends a little bit happier. “Forestheart” starts with a beautiful sound created by choirs, synthesizer, and drums, that will take you deep into the woods and you will feel peace and relax. I liked how the song changed its dynamics as more instruments were added to it.

Reflection of the Stars” starts with a sound that reminded me of a starry night and it has beautiful and simple melodies played by the piano, using nice patterns of scales. It develops into something dark and happy at the same way, a mixture of both feelings. Nice stuff. “Moonlight Rays” starts with a nice synthesizer sound that reminded me of something very atmospheric in a space and alien way. I liked how the pianos were mixed with that sound. This song sounds more progressive, especially with the drum style.

The song that ends the album is “Reaching Beyond the Night” and it starts with a cool ambiance created by a growing piano that will change it patterns a few times, but they all sound great and tied together. That song is more focused on the piano and I am pretty sure that you will like its changing dynamics and the musical scales here.

SKYFAR did release a great Atmospheric Black Metal album and I guess that it will just get better from now on. It’s an instrumental album, so don’t expect voices on it… but who needs words when the notes tell it all? Cool material.

4 Star Rating

1. Into the Unkown Paths
2. Daylight is Fading Away
3. Forestheart
4. Reflections of the Stars
5. Moonlight Rays
6. Reaching Beyond the Night
Record Label: Acclaim Records


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