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Skyfar – Season of Dark Mist

Season of Dark Mist
by Caio Botrel at 23 October 2020, 9:02 PM

SKYFAR is an Atmospheric Black Metal band from Bulgaria and it seems that the band was formed in 2019 and have three releases already. The band have released one of their newest album "Season of Dark Mist", but unfortunately, I couldn't get much information about the band or album, so let’s go through their music.

The opening track from the album is "Awake Majesty At Night" which starts with melody played by the guitars and the ambiance is completed by the synthesizer in the background and the kitchen from bass and drums. The vocals are truly Norwegian Black Metal inspired and they fit good the song.

"Guardians of the Ancient Life" is a huge song with around 12 minutes length, but it gets a little bit boring since its 12 minutes with almost no changing in patterns and ambiances. There are some nice chorus on the song. "Moonglow into the Lake" starts with a nice ambiance created by the synthesizer and it is atmospheric, dark, and sad. It is an instrumental song that develops itself on the deepest darkest and saddest feelings, but it is also beautiful and dynamic. I liked it.

"Season of the Dark Mist" is the last song from the album and the title-track of the material. It is the biggest song here, containing around 15 minutes length. It starts with a nice melody created by the guitars and bass, alongside the harsh vocals that fits the song. Another epic song with not much of variety on its sound, but that was nice too.

SKYFAR is a promising band on their genre of choice, they are working consistently to make their career grows - which is visible by having three full-length albums with one year of existence. I believe that they will put a lot more stuffs on the table, and, that they will keep improving their sound. "Season of Dark Mist" is a different album, it has some good moments but some of them are a little bit boring - when it comes to a 12 minutes or 15 minutes song with nothing much of variety and dynamic changing, but I get that it is their sound and intention. The production could have been a little bit better, because there are a few parts where it is harder to listen to the bass or the guitar riffs with clearance. But it is a nice album and I hope that it will bring them good results to build up.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Awake Majesty At Night
2. Guardians of the Ancient Life
3. Moonglow Into The Lake
4. Season of Dark Mist
Record Label: Acclaim Records


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Edited 01 December 2020

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