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Skyglow - Thousand Years of Terror

Thousand Years of Terror
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 12 July 2018, 7:16 AM

SKYGLOW was formed as a musical project of Alexander Mokin. In 2012 he started to write music for his first album, combining different subgenres of Death Metal. He was inspired by such bands as early IN FLAMES, BE’LAKOR, and METALLICA, and later by bands like DEATH, DISSECTION, and early DARK TRANQUILITY, though the music most of all resembles THE CHASM and NECROPHAGIST. Being raised in Russia in the poor city of Saratov, ALexander saw the corruption, the lies and the violence of the government, so he chose this to be the main theme of the album. “Thousand Years of Terror” contains six tracks.

“Sacred Self-Deceit” leads off the album, with an acoustic guitar opening, that leads to a sound that…well…I really haven’t heard done in this manner before. There are definitely some Progressive elements in the changing meters, and flurry of various riffs. The harsh vocals are somewhere between whispers and guttural utterances. There are some Technical elements to the music as well…strong musicianship for sure. While I marvel at the dexterity, I’m struggling a bit to make the connections. “Limitless Fog of Anguish” opens with sweet piano notes before unleashing a fast, heavy, and furious sound. Guitar riffs chug endlessly along the bottom end and shift with skill and purpose.

“Losing Humanity” is close to nine minutes long. To me, the somber and alluring piano notes represent the vulnerability and goodness of humankind, while the aggressive Death Metal represents the horror of corruption and violence perpetrated behind an impervious desk of lies. Clean vocals mix in here as well. This song has some more linear connections for me, though it still applies a varying technique of diverse passages. The guitar solo is fantastic and really follows the melody well. The acoustic guitar, thunder and rain at the end represents hopelessness for me. The title track, “Thousand Years of Terror” is a ten minute monster. Opening acoustic guitar is joined by some distorted lead passages. Anger swells and retreats in this track, keeping you connected along the way emotionally. “Raping our culture, killing our people, setting a new order of total submission.” It culminates in a scream at the eight minute mark followed by truly harrowing guitar riffs.

“A New Age” opens with sorrowful acoustic guitars, and discusses topic of slavery in “the new age.” It has a hardened and demonstrative sound, and is quick in pace. The lead guitars build in a fury of rebellion, refusing to lay down. “…And the Circle Closed” is the closing instrumental track. I like the choice of just the music telling the end of the tale. Angry riffs and structured chaos ensue, high in technical skill. For me, the fade out and lack of a definitive ending signifies that the tale goes on, and there are still things to bring to light and freedoms worth fighting for. The high point on the album for me is the musicianship. Sure, the aggressive Death Metal is ardent and pulverizing, but the dazzling skills displayed are alone worth the listen. Combined with the story, lyrics, and diversity in instrumentation, this is an outstanding album that has a lot to like from many different preferences within the Metal community.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Sacred Self-Deceit
2. Limitless Fog of Anguish
3. Losing Humanity
4. Thousand Years of Terror
5. A New Age
6. …And the Circle Closed
Alexander Mokin – Songwriter, Vocals, Keys
Sergey Stepanenko – Guitars
Record Label: Inverse Records


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