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Slaegt – Black Bombs

Black Bombs
by James Brizuela at 13 June 2019, 2:47 AM

SLAEGT, a blackened heavy metal group out of Denmark, release their EP “Black Bombs”. “Black Bombs” is an EP of two tracks that did not make it on their last full-length album, “The Wheel”. The thing that I love about this idea, is the fact that SLAEGT wanted to provide more material to the fans who couldn’t get enough of their last album. I know the usual idea is to release an EP before the next full-length album comes out, but SLAEGT decided to take things a different way and provide additional material that did not quite make the cut for the album, after the full-length was released. I think it is a treat for any fan to be able to hear unreleased music that did not quite make it through the creative process of the final cut.

Now getting to the material on the EP, it is short and sweet. The first track, “Black Bombs” has a fantastic feel to it. A very ominous intro leads into some wailing guitars that give off that very classic heavy metal/rock and roll theme. The gritty and grimy vocals provide that black metal “icing on the cake”. “Black Bombs”, is just an overall fun track to listen to. The temp gets your head to start bobbing and you wanting to break out the air guitar. The second track on the EP, “Wake Dirge”, is an instrumental song that shows off the musicianship of the band. The track has a much darker and atmospheric feel to it. There are some incredible guitar solos on this one. It is a very satisfying track that has some good tempo changes that brings the EP to a close. Obviously, to get a better idea of SLAEGT you should go back to listen to their full-length album, “The Wheel”. But if you want a fun quick one-two punch of grimy rock and roll, then absolutely check out “Black Bombs”. I think it is a completely fantastic idea to release an EP this way, and it was a success.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Black Bombs
2. Wake Dirge
Olle Bergholz – Bass, Vocals
Anders M. Jørgensen – Guitar
Oskar J. Frederiksen– Vocals, Guitar
Anders Edalis – Drums
Record Label: Van Records


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