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Slang - Garden City

Garden City
by David Crossbowmen at 27 February 2019, 6:12 AM

Prog nerds and metal heads rejoice! SLANG has released his 8th solo album “Garden City” on his very own Slang Production Studios. “Garden City” is a cornucopia of sounds that will surely appease listeners of any music genre. While “Garden City” may not super heavy, there are metal elements and are outstanding as well. So, lets dive right in and examine SLANG’sGarden City”.

For the prog rock fan, they may hear traces of Spock’s Beard in “Garden City”. Which is totally normal, because there are just so many sounds coming out of “Garden City”. “Red River” meanders and snakes around like a river. Amazing elements of prog and the main guitar riff is heavier than what any nu-metal kid is used to. “Bug Juice” is mixed with some prime metal licks and some jazz tendencies. This truly makes for a superb ride. The acoustic guitars add classy vibes. One thing to note, throughout “Garden City”, there always seems to be a “Surfing with the Alien” era Joe Satriani vibes. Not complaining as this adds just another dimension to the music.

Northgate” kicks off with girthy guitars that sounds like something Prong or Helmet would be very proud of. Just when you think you have solved this song, everything goes on its side. The prog elements on this song are something to behold because SLANG does a great job giving a sense of impending doom. “Buzz Boomer” is just a kickass song that is upbeat and never a buzzkill. Again, jazzy and progressive. “Grand Beach” continues those Joe Satriani vibes. I mean this in the best way possible as well because this is a fine example of writing music outside the box.

Witches Hunt” is a 14-minute-long epic that can sometimes induce panic. Also, this song would perfectly fit a soundtrack to a video game. “Jack Rabbit” has got some sexy guitar licks going. On top of the prog and jazz elements, “Garden City” continues to surprise me, because I just keep hearing something new. “Monkey Tree” is an outstanding jam. SLANG seemingly has riffs for days. Definitely a pedal to the metal type song. Due to the variety of sounds, layers, and lush soundscapes, “Garden City” is a winner. However, it is not a perfect album. The lack of vocals is a may be a turn off for some people. Also, the album would have also benefited from having less than 15 tracks. Other than that, SLANG has created a powerhouse album with eclectic sounds. Fans of Spock’s Beard, Primus, Joe Satriani, prog rock, and metal would be right at home.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 7


4 Star Rating

1. Red River
2. Bumper Shine
3. Bug Juice
4. Heartland
5. Northgate
6. Grindstone
7. Buzz Boomer
8. The Witches Hunt
9. Grand Beach
10. Trails
11. Jack Rabbit
12. Seven Oaks
13. Monkey Tree
14. Intrepid
15. Bonfire Bulrushes and Rye
Slang - Electric, Acoustic and Nylon Guitars, Bass, Keys, Percussion, Samples & Drum Programming
Jib Kantawong - Bass Guitar on "Jack Rabbit"
Maverick - Vocals on "Buzz Bomber"
Dan Palladiono and Kevin Becker - Vocal Chants on "Monkey Tree"
Record Label: Slang Music


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