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Slashing Death - Off

Slashing Death
by James Brizuela at 07 June 2019, 3:15 AM

The legendary Polish Death Metal / Grindcore outfit, SLASHING DEATH, officially release a collection of the bands’ original three demos. Released by Selfmadegod records, this collection contains fully remastered versions of “Deathly Ceremonic”, “Irrevocably & With No Hope”, and “Kill Me ‘Cause I Can’t Stop”.

Containing elements of Death Metal, Thrash Metal, and Grindcore, this collection brings forth a raw and unapologetic look back at the force that Slashing Death is. The first collection of tracks on “Off”, is that of the demo, “Kill Me ‘Cause I Can’t Stop”. I absolutely love the first track and everything it represents. It is a completely zany skate song. Pulling heavy elements of Skate Punk and Grindcore, it is just a fun track to listen to. Complete with a clown-like whistle, this track just makes you want to jump into the pit. Probably my favorite tracks of the entire album come from “Kill Me ‘Cause I Can’t Stop”, as it switches the tempo constantly from Punk-like musical style right into some heavy sped-up brutal Grindcore. Tracks like “Truth”, “Blind Alley”, and “Power” are just some incredibly raw Punk Rock songs. Then you have some brutal Grindcore songs like “Vietnam Syndrom” that deliver on a completely different level. What is awesome about this collection is how you can see how the band evolved their sound from one demo to the next.

The chronological order is reversed in how the band released their demos in relation to the track numbering on the album. The beginning of the album is tracks from their “Kill Me ‘Cause I Can’t Stop” demo, which was released in 1990. The next bunch of tracks comes from the second demo, “Irrevocably & With No Hope”. These songs are more on the complete Grindcore style. Just brutal blast beats and death growls. Prevalent in blast beast and death growls is the track, “Deadness”. There are some incredibly deep growls going on in this track. Just pure brutality, though there is a sort of experimental Punk track in, “The Story of Necrophile”. The track is diverse in starting with some technical guitar work that leads directly into some blast beats and repeated guitar work. What’s interesting is the track slows down to a simple drum beat and vocal work that seems to be done over a loudspeaker. I find the fact that Slashing Death went from a more brutal Grindcore sound to a more punk-styled level of playing.

Of course, the final bunch of tracks is from their first demo, “Deathly Ceremonic”. You can hear a bit more of the Grindcore style in this demo as well, but the recordings are still very rough. It is a little hard to hear, but the technical guitar work like in “Heart of Virgin”, is impressive. The gutter growls seem to be non-existent as there is a lot more Punk-like chant way of delivering vocals in most of the tracks. One of the most technically sound tracks of the original demo is, “Satans Appearts”. There is some pretty good guitar work being done that leads into a more slowed down Punk-like style.

Pretty interesting how SLASHING DEATH within years of being together found their way to develop a crushing sound that combined elements of Punk, Grind, Thrash, and Death Metal together. Give this a listen if only to see how a band can so quickly develop their sound.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Me / Sk-8 Song
2. Slow Suicide
3. Truth
4. Blind Alley
5. Vietnam Syndrom
6. Power (Agnostic Front cover)
7. Genetic Alternation
8. Intro “FP”
9. Apocalyptic
10. Blasphemy
11. The Story of Necrophile
12. Deadness
13. No Return
14. Ceremony of Death
15. The Pain
16. Heart of Virgin
17. Quick Death
18. Satans Appearts
Gasior - Vocals, Drums
Siemek - Bass
Cipis - Guitar, Vocals
Docent - Drums
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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