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SlavEATgoD - The Skyline Fission Award winner

The Skyline Fission
by Dave "The Metal Guy" Campbell at 02 March 2014, 11:26 PM

SLAVEATGOD is a Progressive / Djent Metal band based in Athens, Greece. Formed in 2007, they have released both an EP, and a self-financed full-length album called “Blank Core Inn”.  The band calls their sound a combination of Metalcore grooves with heavy guitar parts, and catchy melodies, with both brutal and clean vocal lines. Their newest album here which is being reviewed is entitled “The Skyline Fission”, featuring eight tracks.

A short track called “Rumors About Steps Secure” opens the album, with a soft display of keyboard ambiance, before the crunch of the guitars and rhythm instruments. I love the thick, heavy tone of the guitars. The progressive elements of the band can immediately be heard, as the bass and rhythm stutter together in quick bursts of attacks, over an odd timing meter.  The first vocal track is “The Weakends Rest”. I love the main riff here, and am hit at once with strong Progressive and Metalcore sound, that blend together very skillfully. Jon Howard’s vocals display a wide range of ability. From tortured screams to melodious cleans, he commands the direction of the sound of the band with the prowess of a lion on the hunt.

“Wreck Age” continues in this vein.  As the bass and drums collide, SLAVEATGOD add some background ambiance with keys and guitars that deepen the impact of the track, while Jon assures no loss of harmony or chorus. The progressive elements are quite profound, and the band really does an outstanding job of pulling you into their foray. I really like what I hear so far.  Not wanting to rest on any sort of repetition, “Corridors Swirl” enters like a lamb, with reserved, harmonious vocals and a despondent, mysterious sort of sound overall. There is just enough Metal instrumentation here to lift up the track into a hard-hitting number at just the right time.

Swinging back around comes “Downcast Parade”, which is a more assertive and up-tempo number with a more Djent tone. They connect an acoustic interlude and keys very well from verse to chorus and back again. The rhythm of this track is very consistent, encouraging you to headbang as it moves along.  “Guiding Blight” is even more swift and heavy, and showcases the band’s strong command of their performance abilities. “Last Solace Attempt” wraps up the album in a beautiful but strong instrumental. There is really a strikingly veracious amalgamate of Metalcore, Djent and Progressive Metal ingredients here that they combine with deadly intent.

The Djent punch of the guitar and bass seek to compliment the musicality of the band, rather than overcome it. This is very hard for many bands to do. The tendency in most metal bands is to overdo the brutal riffing and screaming, especially those trying to land a big record deal.  Bands with integrity and vision however, aptly apply delicacy to their craft. SLAVEATGOD has accomplished this very well in this reviewer’s opinion. They have a combination of brutality, with creativity and variety that many more seasoned bands do not possess. This is an album worth picking up and I highly recommend doing so.

4 Star Rating

1. Rumors About Steps Secure
2. The Weakeneds Rest
3. Wreck Age
4. Corridors Swirl
5. Downcast Parade
6. Guiding Blight
7. Ceased the Days
8. Last Solace Attempt
Jon Howard - Vocals
Sinnik Al – Lead Guitars
CRS (Chris Nanos) - Guitars
Stelios Nanos – Bass & Keyboards
Joni Moas - Drums
Record Label: No Regrets Records


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