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Slayer – The Repentless Killogy (Live At the Forum in Inglewood, CA) Award winner

The Repentless Killogy (Live At the Forum in Inglewood, CA)
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 26 November 2019, 11:06 PM

This band needs no intro. If you’ve never heard of SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYER then you’ve obviously clicked a wrong link on whatever it was you were searching. They have 12 Studio albums which have a selection of songs featured in any Metalhead’s playlists. They are one quarter of the Big Four with METALLICA, MEGADETH & ANTHRAX making u-p the other 3 Horsemen. This is their (supposed) final tour. However, so many bands say they have retired and come back. If SLAYER do retire and stay retired, they will have done themselves proud on a glowing 36 year career, which imagine most people have seen these guys live. I’ve seen them at Download’s 2007 & 2018 (Final appearance), their final tour with LAMB OF GOD, ANTHRAX & OBITUARY, with the Big Four at Sonisphere, and all the way back on the "The Unholy Alliance: Chapter III" with TRIVIUM & MASTODON. These we have memories of, what are yours?. So, let’s go through song-by-song on this Live album.

Delusions of Saviour” opens up the show to a expecting house. It’s a slower song to start things off, but its got that great build up that the band can warm up to. Maybe a good Instrumental opener, live the Repentless album has and from that album we know what’s next… “Repentless” feeds off the beat from the previous song. Guaranteed the pits have now opened for business, so tempted to pout a MEGADETH song title there. It’s a good beat the group are jamming too now as Kerry and Gary have their first real riff battle of the night. Tom never drops a beat. “The Antichrist” is a throwback to when they were in their debut album, before their prime years. This song shows off the great pace differences and skills. Tom keeps it balanced as Mr. King delivers on his staple frantic pace. It’s such a great song, which is sometimes over looked for those on the 1986-90 years. SLAYER still pull it off beautifully. “Disciple” drops the bass and thickens the sound allowing the crowd to sing along in places. The crowd know the chorus chant very well. Mr. King goes about destroying all balance with his solos, but this an awesome sound, frantic but brilliant. A good solo session in the song creates a great depth to the album.

Postmortem” is not the first song from Reign in Blood that you think of, but tis still a great song. The thick sound still runs from “Disciple” so the songs run together very well. Great balance composes the song. It is a great song, only issue with where the song lays on the sheet, is the song on next won’t have the same effect as “Reign in Blood”, no offense meant, but its sound association. “Hate Worldwide” has a good start from the outro of “Postmortem” with its high pace from the off. The balance of the song works well in controlling the sound. Live music can sometimes have the recorded sound all over the place, but this is a great recording from SLAYER. The song really shows Tom at the height of his skills able to make you are aware it’s not just a guitar show. “War Ensemble” is the first of the big hitter to appear, and damn it hits hard. All aspects of the band are showing true skill here. Tom’s screams have never lost passion in the 36 years he’s been doing it. This one is a crowd pleaser. The band know exactly how they should sound and perform, there is a reason they are one of metal’s biggest ever acts. “When the Stillness Comes” lets Paul stretch his skills on drums as a good intro buildup. It’s another deep starter from the rest of the guys, which as a deep bass band, you expect. The aggressive vocals kick in from Tom in his usual trait. The song slows down on the breakdown from instruments, but again, Tom is fiery with vocals, which allows a frantic finish to ensure

You Against You” is another new song, so the crowd don’t pump to it straight away, but it's still a good song. Not too many differences between this and other songs from “Repenetless”, this one, however does have a great guitar and bass riff added very soon into the song, great addition. The pace never ceases from here and it’s a gre3at way to go through the song, riffs all round! “Mandatory Suicide” is back to the prime album days. You can tell exactly which album is from, even without checking on the track list. The song, is a little too close to “South of Heaven” to go missed. The song is a good warm up for SLAYER to pick up pace after a few newer songs, it works as a warm up, without setting anything alight. “Hallowed Point” has, seemingly been put here as it picks up pace slightly from “Mandatory Suicide”, but also sounds in similar vein. You wouldn’t really notice the song has changed from previous, but it’s still got a good pace and the tempo is high. These are filler songs to keep the performance going. You know that the bigger songs are coming. You know the ones I mean. “Dead Skin Mask” is a strange one, coz it seems to start fast then get slow very quickly, but who cares, its one of the fan favorites. The technical play here never fades away, you can tell they are skilled right to the end. The song gets the fans going. You can tell the pace of the overall gig is building

Born of Fire” starts in frantic style. It takes off from “Dead Skin Mask” almost like it should on an album, it doesn’t on Seasons in the Abyss, but the album feel is oozing right now. The crowd are enjoying the performance thus far. The song is controlled well by all aspects. “Cast the First Stone” is the last song from Repentless, which means they saved the best song on it for last. You can hear the aggression from all aspects kicking in. the pace and tempo run well together. There is no frantic change in the balance, but it works for the song. Tom is still yelling his heart out. "Bloodline” starts with its deep, dark intro riff. It builds up, even if it’s not as fast as it used to be. Heads will be banging and the pits will be full. The tempo and harmony as perfectly balanced. The song is a slower one, but I think it’s more to bring on the next one… “Seasons in the Abyss” gets the cheers it deserves. A Thrash classic. It’s slow, bending start works well from the pace “Bloodline” set. At this point in the gig the band will have the fans involved, you can hear the singing along with Tom. The pace and balance are working together to take the song into overdrive. The riff war we all know and love does not let anyone down, perfectly performed.

Hell Awaits” takes off without you knowing that “Seasons in the Abyss” has really finished. The buildup is intense. The melody is perfectly done. The pace Tom is going at, vocally is amazing, he doesn’t miss a thing in keeping up with the pace Gary and Kerry are setting. Its songs like this where you can truly appreciate how good SLAYER are.  Loudest applause so far from the fans…until… “South of Heaven” here comes the classic that the fans want to hear. The buildup, again, is awesome. The melody for the song is thicker than on the album, but its still setting the pace. Fans are screaming along to the chorus. The song goes through the motions, like we know it should, adding a few nice riffs here and there, adding depth and volume to the song. The song is starting to fade away as it ends, but they are playing some sort of beat at the same time. Fans will know something big is coming…. “Raining Blood”, does it get any bigger an anthem for SLAYER? No. No it does not. Fans cheer when they intro starts. Although we know that Kerry just strums along like a maniac and it’s not always played the same, we love this song. The song is ending before you want it to, which as any good song should. The word balance doesn’t need to be mentioned in this song, we know what to expect and the frantic, frenzied end suits. “Chemical Warfare”, for me, a very underrated song. The pace is still set to warp speed. The buildup feels more like a crazed outro of “Raining Blood”.  Vocals from Tom are still top drawer even this late into the performance. The balance on guitars has been restored somewhat. The melodic build up is fantastically done by all around, and as Tom screams, the pits will have broken into utter chaos.

Angel of Death” is the final song. One last chance to hear that thunderous below from Tom. Damn it’s good. The overall feel is thick and somewhat out of balance, but it feels like it should be this way. The instrumentalists are going at it perfectly. They go out with a great team riff and then thank the fans. These guys will be sorely missed, if this is their retirement

A farewell in style. Nothing else is needed to say except… SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Delusions of Saviour
2. Repentless
3. The Antichrist
4. Disciple
5. Postmortem
6. Hate Worldwide
7. War Ensemble
8. When the Stillness Come
9. You Against You
10. Mandatory Suicide
11. Hallowed Point
12. Dead Skin Mask
13. Born of Fire
14. Cast the First Stone
15. Bloodline
16. Seasons in the Abyss
17. Hell Awaits
18. South of Heaven
19. Raining Blood
20. Chemical Warfare
21. Angel of Death
Kerry King – Guitars
Tom Araya – Vocals & Bass
Gary Holt – Guitars
Paul Bostaph – Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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