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Slayer - World Painted Blood (CD)

World Painted Blood
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 15 November 2009, 10:11 AM

This album has been in the to-do-list for quite a while; the reason for this wait was for me to decide whether I like it or not. Every grand release that comes from a band you love is subject to such a severe criticism that often reaches the limits of over-doing it. But when you know and like a band very much you put high standards and you 'demand' every album to satisfy them. All of the above apply to the new SLAYER album that comes to respond to the very good "Christ Illusion" that saw the light of day three years ago. Another phenomenon observed among fans of longtime-running bands is the one where the fans are divided in two categories; the one that explicitly likes the first era music and the one that can find a silver lining in every cloud.

Enough with the small talk; after all this is SLAYER we are talking about. What I really love with this band is the evil profiles embed in every single note. Just like the opening intro in the homonymous song where the strange talk welcomes a massive staccato riff and after a while Araya's screaming vocals. This track breathes the SLAYER air bringing all the trademark elements from the killer riffs and the headbanging rhythm breaks to the tremolo high pitched guitar solos. Without doubt this is one of those songs that will stand the passing of time and will be included in future setlist lists. Lombardo marks this song with the hearty drum pedalling and the signature high hat sounds. After the will-not-return Seasons In The Abyss era SLAYER have added more aggression to their music and for this have been accused of trying to walk the mainstream path. This is partially true since the latest SLAYER albums are just-in-your face with minimal connection to the prime days. But in "World Painted Blood" SLAYER have tried to sound more like SLAYER. The guitars have been brought to the front and the tracks enjoy the Thrash backbone through the riff collection and distinct soloing from the Hanneman - King allegiance. I know that this attempt will face many raised eyebrows from metalheads who dislike bands that try to sound like the old days. Personally, I don't really care and choose to enjoy the "Seasons In The Abyss" feeling in the almost mid-tempo "Beauty Through Order" and the agonizing guitar duel that is solid due to the solid drumming. I could not but mention the fast "Hate Worldwide", the groovy (in neck-snapping SLAYER way) and the killer "Psychopathy Red" where the guitars create a solid sound wall to bang your head against.

There is no doubt that there are riffs waking up memories from the band's legendary four/five album streak that did set the Thrash foundations and made this scene widely known. There is absolutely no point trying to find all their references since this album can give you a strong SLAYER dose and warm your ears like hell just before you catch the band on the road. I have a strong hunch that this can be the band's swan song after a really successful tour that is on the way. Let us I hope that I will be wrong and the satanic band will continue to feed the evil forces with albums like this. Get an inside look from the killer video that follows the cult splatter film "Pieces". (a.k.a. Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche)
PS: I can't wait to get my hands on the lyrics…

3 Star Rating

World Painted Blood
Unit 731
Beauty Through Order
Hate Worldwide
Public Display Of Dismemberment
Human Strain
Psychopathy Red
Playing With Dolls
Not Of This God
Tom Araya - Bass, Vocals
Kerry King - Guitar
Jeff Hanneman - Guitar
Dave Lombardo - Drums
Record Label: Columbia Records


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