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Slipknot - 5: The Gray Chapter Award winner

5: The Gray Chapter
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 15 October 2014, 1:32 PM

7 years I waited for this moment, for this album to come out. 7 really long years that the all world of modern metal have been waiting for the release of the best known and most successful band of this generation, SLIPKNOT. To me, SLIPKNOT is not just a big monster band, they are a band whose music and iconic masks I grew up with. But most importantly they are a band that influenced me as a song writer in a way that I can't explain, in every song that I am writing to myself, there are some influences from the craziness of this band.

So I have waited 7 too long years for this moment, to hear the future of this legendary band, and now finally I finally received the fifth SLIPKNOT's album. But this is not just a regular album of the band, this is the first album without the genius Paul Gray (R.I.P) and the album without the band's legendary drummer Joey Jordison. 7 years I been waited, so let's see if they are paid off.

I am not really a big fan of long intros, but SLIPKNOT always knows how to do these. In "XIX", Corey Taylor brings us to a stressful atmosphere, and I know that I am into SLIPKNOT's new album. "Sarcastrophe" opened with the Taylor's great roar that brings us to a party of scream's rap.  The song even reminds me the style band's classic single "Sic".

The only way that I can describe "AOV" is just that it's a perfect song. Its dark, its fast, he is got parts of Death Metal and also of Alternative, a song that always takes surprising twist and always surprising the listener, just a perfect song.

"The Devil In I" is like the previous song but more catchy and melodic and reminds the 2004's Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) Subliminal that for my opinion is the band's best album. A big celebration of bombastic melodies, addictive screams, electronic, distortion, and mainly a feast for the ears.

As a part of the Alternative ballad of this album (as "Dead Memories" and "Vermillion") comes "Killpop", and it's one of the strongest songs in the album. Its start like a regular pop song with Sid Wilson scratching, but of course SLIPKNOT are SLIPKNOT, and when the screams starts we all know that ,with all the respect to AVENGED SEVENFOLD and KILLSWICTH ENGAGE, no one can do a better Metal ballad than this band.

Please remind me never get pissed at one of the band's members, because they are might write an angry song like "Skeptic" about me. The song is less deep and much more angry and fun. In this one they are getting away from the other songs and bring some elements and guitar parts that remind Groove Metal.

One thing that I always liked to hear in the band's songs is the very beautiful words that Corey Taylor sending to all the people that he "loves", and in "Lech" he is sending all of his "love" and Mick Thomson & Jim Root are very helpful to him in this one. Very angry song like the entire Iowa album, the band  may be, but they are still the same as an angry 15 years old kid.

"Goodbye" seems like another pop song but it’s a song that with his time just getting heavier and heavier until he is officially a metal song. But "Nomadic" is absolutely the most genius songs that the band ever created and the best song in this album. They combined everything that the band did until now but improve on it The perfect combination of strong melodies and one of the most addictive choruses of the last decade, between the band's nerves & noise that never been seemed so good. The band created a masterpiece in a very high point that with the right promotion may even become a mega-hit.

Another great hit is "The One That Kills The Least", a song that we actually can feel and hear the story that beyond the song. Following Jim Root in the greatest solo of his career, and 'How this one-to to da to to da to to da da', we are hearing how the band is starting to write "Custer" just before the album's third single starts. It’s the darkest and the fastest song in the album. I don’t know if it’s a big hit or will be a successful single, but what I know is that this is a perfect song for live shows.

"The Negative One" is like a horror film, surprising and even scary for some moments. Maybe it’s a long song but you just don’t want it to be over. It's absolutely a true Metal song, and another hit in live shows.

The band continues with the style of the 'melodic start & loud continuing' in "If Rain Is What You Want", style that creating an effect that is very chilling and stressful. But in this song the band still can make some emotion from that song.

"Override" is more modern and going back to the great combine the band did in "AOV". I don’t know who the band's new drummer is, but in this song I have been convinced that he is much better than Joey Jordison, he can drum faster and we can hear him louder. Whoever this drummer is, he is going to change the drumming world.

Although that the album is the longest album I've heard recently (because recently there were no albums by SLIPKNOT), I just didn’t want that the album to end, but unfortunately "The Burden" is the last song in the album. The song maybe starts bad but continues and becomes one of the band's darkest songs that I ever heard. The album ends in an ironic way with the band's front man singing 'enough', I am really sure that the band exhausted herself in making this album.

When they are far away from their youth and far away from the Nu Metal golden era, SLIPKNOT did an album without Paul Gray and when Joe Jordison have left in the middle. Even 7 years late, and when they are not kids, they still can be angry and understand every frustrated teenager and they still know how to make him feel better. SLIPKNOT never changed, they can't release an album that is less than amazing, this one is ingenious and varied, maybe one of the best albums the band done in all of their career.

5 Star Rating

1. XIX
2. Sarcastrophe
3. AOV
4. The Devil In I
5. Killpop
6. Skeptic
7. Lech
8. Goodbye
9. Nomadic
10. The One That Kills The Least
11. Custer
12. Be Prepared For Hell
13. The Negative One
14. If Rain Is What You Want
15. Override
16. The Burden
Corey Taylor– Vocals
Mick Thomson- Guitars
Jim Root – Guitars
Shawn "Clown" Crahan - Custom Percussion, Backing Vocals
Chris Fehn - Custom Percussion, Backing Vocals
Craig Jones – Sampler
Sid Wilson- Turntables
Alessandro Venturella - Bass
Unknown – Drums
Record Label: Roadrunner Records


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Edited 27 January 2020

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