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Snaggletooth - A Tribute to Lemmy

A Tribute to Lemmy
by Anna Chase at 17 April 2017, 4:13 PM

Now, even if you’re only a casual metalhead, you still have got to know Lemmy Kilmister. He’s iconic; Lemmy is to Metal what Madonna is to Pop, what Tupac is to rap, etc. MOTÖRHEAD, pioneers in their genre, have influenced countless modern-day artists. That’s why on “A Tribute to Lemmy”; so many talented and well-renowned musicians have banded together to show the profound effect that Lemmy has had on their sound and style. The album is a unique compilation of MOTÖRHEAD’s best songs, each covered in different ways by different people. Musicians range from aging Heavy Metal queen Doro Pesch to Indie-Punk newcomers KÄRBHOLZ and KORPIKLAANI’s distinctive style of Folk Metal. Needless to say, it’s not often that so much talent comes together to create a single album.

“Overkill,” the first song on the album, is definitely, definitely by OVERKILL. The song is a screaming, thrashing cover of traditional MOTÖRHEAD, and Bobby Ellsworth’s vocals are just the right blend of 80’s wailing and Lemmy’s gravelly style of singing. The guitar riffs are exemplary Speed Metal, and they rip through the background of the song without stopping. “Onslaught” is much heavier at first than any MOTÖRHEAD song, and soon finds its way into a swinging, blasting riff over rapid-fire drums. BOMBER is a well-known cover band, and for good reason. Their blend of Blues-infused electric guitar and growling vocals blend together to create a unique style that fits perfectly with the music they play.

“Love Me Forever” takes the sound down a notch with a slowed-down, distorted ballad starring the dynamic blend of Doro and Lemmy’s voices. The reverb works well with the muted guitar riffs to create a haunting tone throughout the verses, and the chorus explodes into a blasting juxtaposition of drums and bass. The solo sounds distinctly influenced by MOTÖRHEAD, and the addition of Doro revitalize the track and gives it energy. Now, everyone knows “Ace Of Spades”, so I was looking for this cover to blow me away. UGLY KID JOE’s singer Whitfield Crane has a voice that is a dead-on replica of Lemmy’s. His vocals make the song; it gives the track a more Punk vibe while still keeping it true to MOTÖRHEAD’s raw tone. The drums and guitars are faster and heavier, and the solo is a relentless attack of notes on top of a staccato rhythm.

This song is 100% pure Lemmy, called “Tie Your Mother Down”. It’s a harshly melodic anthem by the King of Metal. The guitars wail over a classic and pulsing drumbeat, and the bass background adds a depth to the song. I would expect nothing less from Lemmy, to be honest. The song is catchy and reeks of potential to be another MOTÖRHEAD hit. “Killed By Death” is one of the most brutal song names on this album, and KÄRBHOLZ doesn’t disappoint. This song is only loosely based on MOTÖRHEAD’s style, but it’s still one of my favorites on the album. Torben Höffgen’s voice is like a heavier version of Lemmy’s, and the heavy guitar riffs and screaming solos contribute to the song’s subtle Death Metal nuances. The drums also take center stage here as they alternate between steady rhythms and machine-gun bass beats.

“Rock City Night” is a kick-ass song. Now, I might be a little biased because I’m a die-hard RAMMSTEIN fan, and I was thrilled to see Richard Kruspe’s name on this album. However, this song is just a masterpiece in itself. Lemmy’s scratchy vocals blend perfectly with the chugging guitar riffs and the chorus gives the song its catchiness. Kruspe’s clean solo makes the track unique, and overall it’s just a great partnership between two extremely talented musicians. “We Are the Road Crew” is a cover from thrash masters DESTRUCTION. I personally felt as though the vocals were a bit overdone for the instrumentals in this song, and that they could’ve been toned down a bit. However, the guitar work was solid and the drums and bass gave the track a thrumming rhythm that worked well in the style of the rest of the album.

“Burner” is a Thrash and Speed Metal infused version of a classic MOTÖRHEAD song that effortlessly blends pounding quick-action drum beats with chugging bass and distorted guitar riffs that tear through a heavy backing track. “Iron Fist”, covered by KORPIKLAANI, deviates from their traditional style of Folk Metal and stars a distinctive bass riff that pounds in the background throughout the whole song. The riffs rip through the drums and vocals, and contribute to an effortlessly catchy melody. Jonne Järvelä’s vocals are a blasting baritone growl that matches the song’s style flawlessly, and the addition of a fiddle track draws the song back to the band’s roots.

The next song, “Brainstorm”, couldn’t be more different in tone. MONSTER MAGNET is a well-known industrial act, and the song opens up with a spooky synth effect that bubbles into heavily distorted vocals and riffs. The song is a bit reminiscent of early ROB ZOMBIE, and uses an unexpected style to do justice to a famous MOTÖRHEAD hit. The last song, “Hawkwind”, utilizes echoing vocals and strange sound effects over a steady bass riff. Although the intentions were good in this song, I don’t think the style worked as a MOTÖRHEAD cover, and the band tried to add too much in order to make the sound unique and had it backfire.

Overall, however, this album definitely impressed me, and I think it would impress Lemmy as well if he were here today. Any fans of MOTÖRHEAD need to give this album a listen, as well as any metalhead, really. The talent on this CD is overwhelming, and each of the bands contributes a little of themselves to create an awe-inspiring album.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Overkill- Overkill
2. Onslaught- Bomber
3. Lemmy Kilmister ft. Doro Pesch- Love Me Forever
4. Ugly Kid Joe ft. Phil Campbell- Ace Of Spades
5. Lemmy Kilmister- Tie Your Mother Down
6. Kärbholz- Killed By Death
7. Lemmy ft. Richard Kruspe- Rock City Night
8. Destruction- We Are The Road Crew
9. Personal War- Burner
10. Korpiklaani- Iron Fist
11. Monster Magnet- Brainstorm
12. Black Explosion- Hawkwind
Record Label: Metalville Records


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