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Snakeblade - The Kingdom Award winner

The Kingdom
by Craig Rider at 25 September 2020, 10:30 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SNAKEBLADE; hailing from Canadian grounds - performing Melodic Black Metal, on the soloist’s debut album entitled: “The Kingdom” (released July 31st, 2020).

Since formation in 2020; the soloist in question has only this here debut album in his discography so far entitled: “The Kingdom”, 6 tracks ranging at around 23:45…SNAKEBLADE arranges an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Melodic Black Metal developments.

Opening up with the blistering; full on fury entitled: “When Kingdoms Collide”, SNAKEBLADE unleash this rampantly relentless barrage of chiselling frenzies… amplified to ten with this sonically seamless assault in amplified adrenaline and boisterously bouncy chaos. Chugging with riveting ramifications, monstrously meaty melodies manifest with this savagely sinister rhythm that thunders with solid substance & profusely robust synergies that will rattle your noggin with extremely intense execution. Hardened into an immense fabrication of wildly rushing mayhem while organically surging with tight shreds, razor sharp virtuosity & quintessential yet volatile vibrancy that trailblaze with skyrocketing attributes in bulldozing crunchiness…striking with throaty raspiness that roars with momentously primitive rawness, while the monolithic tempos tempestuously thump with steely precision.

Consisting of Mike Redston who performs on everything, an intriguing soloist who revels with this consistent challenge of weighty punchiness and a borderline foundation of triggering calamities in firepower & expertise. Frolicking with this audible bass injection, infectiously crafting a dexterous element in dynamic devastation & venomously vehement versatility. “To The Pits With The Balrog” features a guest solo riff interlude from Devan Howes from KAYAS; it’s a short remedy of slaying lacerations, killer potential and gnarly distortion. Brimming a hybrid dimension of grinding gallops that rumble with reverberating maliciousness, while hammering a battering chunk of rambunctiously stomping drum drives…bludgeoning eardrums with rapidly swift nimbleness with this outré panache of storming & pile-driving stability - subjugating you to break chairs over other chairs in no time! While inputting a healthy dose of some gang chanting for an inventive form of blasphemous articulate.

Snarling with rebellious retribution, the vocals yell with blood-curdling screams that bleed into your speakers with deep, guttural growls & brutal deadliness. “The Nine” conjures a harmonic stampede with salubrious yet menacing integrity, implementing a whirlwinding vortex which rages with speedy velocity & hasteful hostility. While mid-portion; this sombre, acoustic approach distinctively demonstrates this upbeat solace that oozes out more rompy slams shortly thereafter with persistent perseverance & rampaging tribulations that smothers your soul with spellbinding sturdiness - while this satanic ritual of quirky maelstrom snappiness takes you over…summoning this sophisticated riff of berserking galloping ferocity - fiercely forebodes your presence with jarring wickedness.

Scavenger” features another guest solo rip from Dylan Parker from PROTOSEQUENCE; starting off with these hauntingly daunting wahs; until more stompy pedal tapping, trembles and immersive scouring with throttling barbarity, imploding into a combustible yet resonant profanation of skillful pummelling attacks in which tenaciously thrashes with blackened immolation. The penultimate track: “Vamp, The Impaled” brings forth another guest solo tearer from Kyle Li; converging a light-hearted strum which feels like a medieval rift until more pounding drums crush within the angelic but ambient atmosphere where the shrieking guitars fret an evil empowering but immortalised feeling, while still merging a hinted clean vocal pattern albeit an off-kilted one, but a brilliant overarch of some ominous brimstone fabrications intertwining a bruising but belting faction of demonic proportions…where more chants and blast beating havoc destruct with rollicking patterns that flow into a fluidly polished titan in sound production professionalism. The programming here has been done with pristine perfection, this is a new type of Melodic Black Metal pandemonium, ruthless… rowdy & loud as hell.

Overall concluding “The Kingdom” with the finale epic: “Devoted To Destruction”; which welcomes yet another guest solo from Matthew Pancoust from TRUENT, contrasting an electrifying embodiment in bombastic uproar while utilising more shouty battle cries, enchanting euphonies and searing songwriting musicianship that will roar like a crazed banshee…wailing with rebellious torment (of the good, thrilling kind).

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that SNAKEBLADE most definitely delivered an utmost maddening, but enjoyably entertaining discovery that made me replay this …pretty much all day long. “The Kingdom” is an addicting spin that will blow brains & shatter windows with explosive clairity. Full of density, technical prowess & engaging captivation. This is an incredibly amazing debut album, and I will most look forward to their upcoming projects. And for a singular writing attempt, bravo! I couldn’t help but score this as a masterful piece of other-worldly malevolence which most certainly deserves a slot in your collection for sure. Check it out!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. When Kingdoms Collide
2. To The Pits With The Balrog ft. guest solo Devan Howes (Kayas)
3. The Nine
4. Scavenger ft. guest solo Dylan Parker (Protosequence)
5. Vamp, The Impaled ft. guest solo Kyler Li
6. Devoted To Destruction ft. guest solo Matthew Pancoust (Truent) (Truent cover)
Mike Redston - Everything
Record Label: Independent


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