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Snakeyes - Metal Monster Award winner

Metal Monster
by Tiffini Taylor at 27 February 2018, 12:32 PM

SNAKEYES release of “Metal Monster” is a hard-hitting album. The first song titled “Into The Unknown” is drum heavy with wonderful vocals. This is definitely unknown. Lyric quality is good and the guitar is roaring. This track sets up the hardness of the full album beautifully. “Point Of No Return” is slightly calm, so to speak. It is a song that the lyrics will make one think. There is a great guitar solo. It is a great Metal song that is catchy and well played.

“Cyberkiller”, the fourth track off the twelve-track album is a fast-driven heart pounding song. The quick beat will make one take notice of this one. The drums are amazing in this song. The title track is next, “Metal Monster”. This is not about transformers. The guitar is riveting and the vocals are good. It is a good head banging song. A song that would be great live. “Edge Of The World” has wonderful drums. It will be a good driving song on a road trip.

The next song on the album is “Sign Of Death” and the beginning has an eerie feel to it and goes straight into a great short guitar solo. The heart will be racing to keep up with the beat of this song. “Circus Of Fools” a guitar heavy driven song that is quite glorious to the ears. Another song that will be good to head bang to with good vocals and great drums. This is a circus one wants to attend.

The song “Rise Up (The Red Plague)” begins with a beautiful guitar solo and goes into a heavy sound that would raise the dead. This is a powerful song, lyrically and musically. There is a bonus song titled “The Hunt” and it’s another hard driven song with good guitar and drum play. The entire album shows a love for drums and guitar driven Metal and that is all good. It is straight up Metal from beginning to end.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Into The Unknown
2. Evolution
3. (Point Of) No Return
4. Cyberkiller
5. Metal Monster
6. Edge Of The World
7. Sign Of Death
8. Facing The Darkness
9. Your Own Shadow
10.Circus Of Fools
11. Rise Up (The Red Plague)
12. The Hunt (Bonus Track)
Cosmin Aionita - Vocals
Justi Bala - Guitars
José Pineda - Bass
Carlos Delgado - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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