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Sodom – Out Of The Frontline Trench

Out Of The Frontline Trench
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 02 December 2019, 11:26 PM

Does a band like SODOM need much of an intro? No, they are one of the best German bands of all time. This is their third EP release in the last two years following on from "Partisan" and "Chosen by the Grace of God" in 2018 and 2019 respectively. On this album, they do have a live recording of one of their best and underrated songs. "Bombenhagel" from their 1987 release: "Persecution Mania" and the re-recorded 1989 track Agent Orange from the album title f the same name.

Genesis 19” kicks off the EP with a decent buildup, slower than maybe expected, but you can tell its building up. Then they jump into the higher gears. The tempo is set to a good level; the vocals are keeping up very well also. The song has that old school thrash sound that you would hear in songs from EXODUS, SLAYER & TESTAMENT. That is coz these guys were right there as one of the pioneers of thrash. The riff for the middle section of the song is awesome and you can tell in the latter parts that its building up pace to explode partially again. A start to the EP.

Down on Your Knees” continues the old school thrash sound perfectly. The buildup is done with more intensity. Vocally it controls the tempo of the song very well. The pace slows down, but this just further more shows the great control by the band to implement the great sound. The pace soon picks up once more into a good bridge, the pace then slows again as it did before. There is a decent solo section in the final third of the song, which just shows, perfectly the skills these guys have.  Strong finish.

Out of the Frontline Trench” has the intense-thrash style start that we have to expect. The pace is set to the highest on the album this far into the EP. The tempo is building up really well into some solid Thrash melodies. The overall balance to the song is kept in place, showing that the band have full control of the sound they create. This feels very similar to their work down the years, showing they have not taken their eyes off the ball and have no intension of slowing down. For that, we thank them.

Agent Orange (Re-recorded)” is a 30-year-old song that has not lost a beat. It still sounds like it did when it was initially released. The balance I kept up perfectly, as you would expect from such an accomplished band. Its beat is thick and full of zest. This 100% has that 80’s thrash sound to it, as “Angel of Death” and “Into The Pit” does. The control the band has over the balance, tempo and beat of the song is still awesome to hear to this date. The sound will keep heads banging and feet tapping as it has for all these years. This is the reason it is SODOM’s most popular song on Spotify.

Bombenhagel (Live in Gelsenkirchen 2018)” is a criminally underrated song in my opinion. Is live just as good as studio? Yes it is. The melody sounds more like THE EXPLOITED mixed with DEAD KENNEDY’S. it’s such a great beat, fast, and catchy as hell. It’s a song that goes for just over a minute a time before the punk breakdown kicks in and hits the spot every time. It is such a catchy tune that the fans are loving to sing along with. A flurry to end it all works over very nicely with the crowd. Great song.

Only 5 songs on the EP, but 5 great songs, I think we all are all waiting to see what SODOM will do for a full-length album. Creatively they still pull it off to perfection, but we want more!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Genesis 19
2. Down on Your Knees
3. Out of the Frontline Trench
4. Agent Orange (Re-recorded)
5. Bombenhagel (Live in Gelsenkirchen 2018)
Tom Angelripper - Bass, Vocals
Frank Blackfire - Guitars
Husky - Drums
Yorck Segatz - Guitars
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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