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Solarend - Subhuman Born Award winner

Subhuman Born
by Craig Rider at 19 August 2022, 5:34 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SOLAREND; unsigned independently, hailing from the United States of America - performing Death/Groove Metal, on their debut full-length studio album entitled: “Subhuman Born” of which is their only release in their discography so far (released May 20th, 2022). Since formation in 2019; the quartet in question offer a healthy dose of some Death/Groove Metal amalgamations, 10 tracks ranging around 45:47 - SOLAREND arrange an intricately designed formula of these subgenres with strong procedure.

Opening up with this rampantly rompy thud of sturdy remedy; “The Summit” belts a blistering barrage frenzy in bulldozing heft, clobbering eardrums with primitively raw grooves and amplified adrenaline which ramifies with boisterously bouncy punchiness that surges with technical maelstrom stability. Weighty jumpiness unleashes bludgeoning calamity, as berserking chugs and concretely gritty laceration slays with rumbling reverberation as consisting guitarist Vincent Verroust throttles his axe with rapidly swift nimbleness while razor-sharp triggers tempestuously mount with towering rhythms that rift with dexterously dynamic diligence. “Inversed” snarls with scouring shrieks from consisting cord yeller Josh Mohr, raspy throatiness and high-pitched gutturals grumble with vicious roars that soar with pugnacious bellows amongst a barking furvor of oppressive potency. Vibrant hooks continue to trample speakers with sulfurous melody, as groove-bomb deadliness showcases organic substance within the monsterously meaty malformation of savage yet volatile songwriting musicianship synergy that revels with catchy artillery and a momentous slab of solid mayhem that’s most grindy.

Blood Ties” distills a chiseling bombardment in distorted contortion; as fierce firepower expertise flamboyantly crafts a demolishing aesthetic in which supplies rough, rhythmic tempos of monolithic viscerality, and an empowering impact of impulsing crunchiness in which stridently strifes with sonically seamless bombast amongst a piledriving tremor of rambunctious stompiness from consisting drummer Zach Libera - who smacks the set with steely precision, swerved with flexible fundamental wickedness within this radical pursuit of striking malevolence. “Dreg” thumps out gnarly extremity in complex versatility, as an infectious injection of venomous bass audibility from Adam Syverson flickers his beefy instrument with tactical treads of killer rips & shredding mobility. I can imagine those metalheads dancing away to these songs were they to play them all live!

Death To Serve” starts off with this cinematic introduction, until more ominously jarring musical experimentation enforces a hybrid density in fueling riffage that just becomes incredibly addictive the more I listen. An immersive intensity motivates my body as wrathful noise terror awakens bones to power up with strong motivation to pummel those that stand through your path. “The Valley” masquerades with similar characteristics, adding a euphonic buoyancy in profusely robust poundage that manifests with prodigious effect, as seething patterns swing with vivacious swave while razing desegregation hammers and batters heads with salubrious subjugation, dominating a banging artillery in attacking relentlessness that just feels fresh, ingredient wise. “Profanation” rollicks with more galloping frolicking, as rigorous vigor thunders with walloping rebelling, unearthing some ruthless pandemonic smashings that will invigorate energies levels with overwhelming stimulation.

Beast Of Obsession” compiles brutal bestiality in revocating revs that pierce through you with blocky bruisers and cryptic but archaic archetype in boastful zeal, where stampeding rampages scramble with onslaughting blitzkrieg. A sinister machination within the penultimate, movielike transition of “La tonde des putréfiés” gives one a brief interlude and breather as a synthetic merger materializes with original aptitude in immersive emancipation. Until the overall concluding meltdown within “The Loss” rips souls new wounds with beatdown finesse, an intriguing slice of symbiotic Death/Groove Metal culminations detail an impressive tribulation within “Subhuman Born”. I enjoyed a healthy dose of some bolt charging, head banging assaults that make SOLAREND most surely certified in these subgenres that’s utmost worthy of spinning & re-playing a good bunch of times. An entertaining experience and a definite fix, should you crave a heated assimilation in deathly but gripping scatterings of systematic barbarity in which will most certainly boost your vitality to sparking levels. A brilliant discovery, do check it out.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. The Summit
2. Inversed
3. Blood Ties
4. Dreg
5. Death To Serves
6. The Valley
7. Profanation
8. Beast Of Obsession
9. La tonde des putréfiés
10. The Loss
Josh Mohr - Vocals
Zach Libera - Drums
Adam Syverson - Bass
Vincent Verroust - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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