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Soldiers Of Solace - We Are Immortal

Soldiers Of Solace
We Are Immortal
by Jason "Monotonija" McCraw at 08 March 2018, 11:59 AM

From the well-traveled roads of antiquated Connecticut, a solitary band emerges with a new full-length record, ready to take on all who stand in their way. This band is named SOLDIERS OF SOLACE, and this record is called "We Are Immortal". With its Power Rock style, and its hammering approach, this album is sure to be a hit for fans of earlier SOUNDGARDEN, JERRY CANTRELL, or the newer offerings from FILTER. From the opening bell, you can literally feel the Harleys revving and smell the thick aroma of whiskey on the air.

The album begins with a track entitled "Rude Awakening". Right away, the strong vocals of singer Jason Longo complete the circle as the pounding drums and power chord mayhem lay the foundation for him to do what it is that he does. His melodic growls lay perfectly over this particular track, much like discarded pine needles lay in a thick blanket upon the Autumn forest floor. Yet this particular track is merely a warm up; the record's title track, which is next in line, displays wicked power. The song is steel smashing against steel, and although it is short in length, it hits so hard that it sticks in the mind long after the final chord ceases to exist. That being said, these two songs prove to be the perfect way to start off what is, all in all, a great and heavy record.

"Cold As A Stone" is a slower (and decidedly longer) number that basically tells the story of a man pleading with his lover for equal treatment. Though the subject matter sounds a little mundane and played out, the execution is there, and the song does manage to evoke one's emotions in that pleasant way that only good music can. In fact, the meat of the album is all found in the middle, right where it belongs. Tracks like "Naked Truth", "Walk Tall", and "Circus Clown" explore a quite diverse range of sound and tempo, and take the listener on a twisting, turning ride in a car that is all gas and no brakes.

The heaviness of "We Are Immortal" continues without letting up until the album hits its last track, "Hannah", which is very much akin to those long-lost Alternative Rock ballads of the early- to mid-1990s. The acoustic guitar strumming acts as a bed upon which singer Jason Longo's vocals lay in perfect contentment. It is the heart of the sound that the entire record delivers and ends the album on a nice note. As the SOLDIERS OF SOLACE full-length offering closes its door, it opens another that leads to the Power Rock of the not-so-distant past, providing a nice flashback for those who haven't heard music like this for a long, long time. Overall, "We Are Immortal" proves to be a nice vacation for the mind, and its rich sound lingers long after one has listened to it in full.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Rude Awakening
2. We Are Immortal
3. Cold As A Stone
4. Naked Truth
5. Walk Tall
6. Circus Clown
7. Washed In Flames
8. Dear John,
9. Freedom's Children
10. Hannah
Jason Longo - Vocals
Ron Therrien – Bass
Luis Cubille - Guitars
Jeff Fahy - Lead Guitars
Francesco Daniele – Drums
Record Label: Rock N' Growl Records


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