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Solipsism - Our Night Never Ends

Our Night Never Ends
by Andrew Harvey at 21 June 2022, 9:19 PM

SOLIPSISM are a black metal quartet who come from Slovakia as they formed in 2018, however it should be mentioned that their basis PORENUT only joined in 2020. The band is led by singer DIAVLIV, followed by guitarist NAER and drummer ASTERION whereas the lyrics plus keyboards are done by the singer. Their guitarist also plays bass but their primary bassist is PORENUT now and the band began their career off with an EP titled TRHLINY V (NE)SKUTOČNOSTI containing five tracks, the EP title is translated as THE RAPTURES IN (UN)REALITY.

This EP was released through Sun & Moon Record as it was delivered in March 2020 with themes of negativity, existentialism, life and melancholy. The band from Slovakia are now all fired up for their new release of what is their debut album titled OUR NIGHT NEVER ENDS. The album begins with “Becoming The Void” as there is a gradual discord of piano clang, guitar vibrato and mysterious sound effects until bass heavy guitar riffs jump in. The tempo of such black metal elements is smooth yet drums or guitar lead the narrative.

A short pulse racing drum pattern then goes back to a more even time structure but it reverts back to pulse racing once or twice. A slow diminuendo as we move into “(V)Zostup Tragédie” cuts through with angst vocals as the quicker drum patterns repeat but vocals contribute more this time around. Guitar is mellow but has some melodic tone as well an alternative drum beat appears later on in the track before spoken word is introduced. The correlation between electric guitar and drums is very fulfilling as vocals come and go.

Solus Ips” has the guitar setting the tone as drums crescendo to binding themselves with guitar or vocals for guidance. There is a sway movement but then intensity builds as drums become more soloistic. Vocals continue to spit words out as drums and keyboard have a short section to themselves. Vocals give that evil choked sound to lead into “Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost” as keys play a bigger part with all other instruments firing at full pelt to advance further on the black metal tone. Various cymbal hits silence the audio spectrum as a full band unison comes back in as we can hear each individual instrument in this track.

A wave of cymbal hits are heard again with mellow guitar playing before vocals steer the track on drums + keyboard have their own section briefly. “V.” has vocals speaking in time with guitar as rumbling drums are on the underground but making worthy contributions. Guitar is subtle as drums punch through as melodic tone is played by guitar. “Your Entirety” slashes right through with drums and guitar pulling the pin on an explosive intro. Vocals are nasty and filthy with that sombre yet satanic feel, the surrounding instrumentation verifies the melancholy theme we heard in their bands EP.

Svetlo (ne)Existuje” is up next as we enter a 5 minute track that picks up where we left from the previous track, the mixture of thundering drums, melodic keyboard, cut throat vocals and diabolic guitar riffs and hooks. Drums swap rhythm from one to another as the guitar echoes on as we go into the next track. “Mikymauz” which is a cover of a track originally written by and performed by JAROMIR NOHAVICA, a well known singer/artist from Czech Republic. SOLIPSISM does well to keep both vocal lines going, one clean and second is violent as there are more keyboard effects in this well arranged cover.

This is the penultimate track as we move onto the last track which is “Thinking Of Ending Things” as the tempo slows down for one last time. There is a distinct contrast between the two vocal lines as one is denser and the other is higher in pitch but more sinister and devastating. Pulsating elements return with bashing cymbal hits as the audio spectrum is shattering with double kicks. Then the tempo slows down before it quickens as we are treated to mass hysteria and uncontrollable rage as the closure of this album is a slow diminuendo. Overall similarities to the EP but there is no denying how intense and bleak the tone of this album is as it is well produced. Even the instrumentation is very well thought out and achieves climatic periods.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Becoming The Void
2. (V)Zostup Tragédie
3. Solus Ips
4. Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost
5. V.
6. Your Entirety
7. Svetio (ne)Existuje
8. Mikymanz (Jaromir Nohavica Cover)
9. Thinking Of Ending Things
Diavliv - Vocals, Keyboards & Lyrics
Naer - Guitar & Bass Guitar
Porenut - Bass Guitar
Asterion - Drums
Record Label: Sun & Moon Records


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