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Solitary - XXV

by Quinten Serna at 11 September 2019, 9:34 PM

Following the great reception of “the Diseased Heart of SocietySOLITARY follows up with their anticipated singled “XXV.” “XXV” has its meaning beyond conventional titling and refers to the bands 25th anniversary of existence and is itself a celebration of their previously written works; a full 25 years of unrelenting music and aggression delivered unto the world whilst remaining unchanged in their craft.

The EP commences with “Requiem” a satisfying opening to the mix as it commences with a leading rhythm which begs for accompaniment as the drums delve in and out before the band in full joins together for the verse. “Within Temptation” follows next filling the empty soundscape with contrasting melodies and rhythms which intertwine in crescendo until the verse starts wherein each remains partially tacet only adjoining the band at accents before letting every ending chord ring out like a shattered and reaching knell. The final studio recorded track is “Keep Your Enemies Closer” another staccato laden rhythm complimenting a leading riff opens the track before the verse commences grittier and deeper than its previous incarnation 11 years ago.

The stylings are themselves reminiscent of archaic riffs and drives more closely associated with old school Thrash, though the rhythms and mix speak to the modern ear; the sound is individual but unique, a mixture of bottom heavy guitars and overall full sounding strings most likely to carve out a niche for Sherrington’s voice which cuts through like a knife. Though this attribute also works in disfavor of the sound as a whole whereupon in certain tracks the guitars seem to slunk behind the drums with little definition of their own over the booming assault. The live tracks do not share this attribute though the cymbals are a little overpowering—you can hear the change in Roy’s energy as the snare picks up in intensity during the chorus of “Architects of Shame.”

The EP highlights and celebrates the band’s unity and musicianship over the past 25 years and while it does not present any new material it shows the world that SOLITARY is undying and as enthusiastic as ever. Whilst other bands have produced more content in less time, few bands have remained as enveloped and tight as SOLITARY in the same amount of time defying convention by continuously banding together and delivering unto the world modes of Thrash Metal in sustained quality, whilst always staying true to their roots and never wavering within their course.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Requiem
2. Within Temptation
3. Keep Your Enemies Closer
4. Architects of Shame (Live)
5. The Diseased Heart of Soceity (Live)
Gareth Harrop - Bass
Roy Miller - Drums
Andy Mellor - Lead Guitars
Richard Sherrington - Rhythm Guitars/Vocals
Record Label: Doc-Records


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