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Sonic Moon - Usually I Don't Care for Flowers

Sonic Moon
Usually I Don't Care for Flowers
by Dani Bandolier at 07 December 2019, 5:14 AM

SONIC MOON (2016) is from Aarhus, Denmark (beautiful Denmark!)  and their Bandcamp bio says they are influenced by genres like Stoner, Psychedelic and Noise Rock… yup, I can hear it mates. It’s the music buffet I usually prefer to dine at when I get into that part of town. This 5 song EP release – their longest to date – is available an all major streaming platforms and Bandcamp. If you kick down for the CD each and every copy includes a unique photo from a series by bassist Denni Ian, made for the release.

“All Things Evergreen” stutters and chugs in, scratching off the barnacles from your ear-holes  with some slick axe moaning before calling ‘All Aboard’ and dropping the net with some lick lick lickety riffing that could fit on an AEROSMITH disc, that is if AEROSMITH was still baiting hooks with Draw the Line era cured cuts of hard rock goodness. I am down with this track and it is an excellent opening for the EP. “Keep Bleeding” chuffs in with some greasy bass (Denni) and guitar (Jeppi, Emil Damgaard) riffing while the vocals cut the sonic mustard on this Gravad laks smokey rock track. Oliver leans into a bit of Chis Isaak tenor on the upper decks at times (nice) before the track bends down into the fuzz blast and crash cymbal ending which fades out and into “Epitaph”. “Epitaph” weaves guitar and bass lines melodically against each other, frosting the cake with some atmospheric and moody vocals pickled with just enough reverb and delay to draw you into the song’s sonic rocks. Emil battens down all hatches with a great right foot and some swinging drums on all tracks featuring some nicely recorded percussion.

“Vultures Beak” thumps right in from the previous track 3 with no track break before it chops away neck-pickup style. Hey - is this the same guy singing? Something is different here … could just be me or maybe the production got turned one more click to the north Atlantic WET position. I better call my manager and make sure he gives me detailed track listings for all future reviews. Somebody owes me a pitcher of Tuborg Gold.

The last track “Usually I Don’t Care for Flowers” shows more long form guitar-sustain sturm and overdrive. I’ll bet these guys can burn the stage right down to the aluminum supports given the proper decibels on a Friday night. Oliver Lyngkilde’s baritone reminds me vocally of Eddie Vedder, Sctott Weiland, and at times Chris Isaak with his baritone-tenor top end. Good voice on this lad and the whole band shows a seasoned maturity that makes me think this work came out just like they had in their noggins. Stringed instrument tones by  Emil, Jeppi and Emil Damgaard wash us along in known and comforting delay and overdrive settings.

This is one slow groovin’ release by Sonic Moon. No hurry here with this one mates, and I like it. These songs fit right into the same stack of post-rock as Swiss band BLACK WILLOWS.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. All Things Evergreen
2. Keep Bleeding
3. Epitaph
4. Vultures Beak
5. Usually I Don’t Care for Flowers
Jeppe Rasmussen - Guitar
Denni Ian - Bass, Artwork
Emil Klinkby - Drums
Oliver Lyngkilde - Vocals, Lyrics
Emil Damgaard Andersen - Guitar

Record Label: Independent


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