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Sons of Alpha Centauri - Continuum Award winner

Sons of Alpha Centauri
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 27 June 2018, 9:40 AM

Hailing from Swale, ENGLAND, this quartet just released their second full length since their 2007 eponymous debut. They did six splits, and two of them with KARMA TO BURN. It's been almost 10 years for them to put that one out. They wanted to expand their sound, adding Blake, to increase textures to the songs. In the very first minutes, we are set to a journey into dark avenues. Wow I'm already impressed! There are no lyrics here, just the demonstration of emotions through music. "Into the Abyss" sets the mood to come with an ambient atmospheric startup intro. "Jupiter" shows great sounding and production. (Aaron Harris from ISIS did a monumental job.)

Hannon's bass has a nice, fat tone. This song acts as a kind of duality between spatial aerial light passages to an electric heavy approach and going back to lead us to another space continuum. I love that song. The guitar is communicating with the listener. Leaving gravity, we are heading to something else, drifting to the unknown, fearless and hungry for what SOAC has to offer us, yet to discover! "Solar storm" is more fast. Two guitars, one talking clean, and the other doing the dirty work with fuzzy riffs and distortion. After this, we have a taste of a more progressive behavior. We can hear more of that sharp edgy bass. Enhanced by synth and samples that melts quite greatly with this mass, this is ascension to this solar storm. We can feel the sun rays trying to penetrate the whirlwind of rocks around us. Very very good song.

"Lo" had the same drum pattern that ISIS has in "The Beginning and the End" on their "Oceanic" album. A nod to them, as I'm pretty sure of it! Maybe subconsciously!? There are great catchy guitars , nice synth environment that isn't annoying or taking too much place…just perfect. "Surfacing for Air," is a slowly ascending song, driven by heavy bass and landscapes. Close your eyes and let the music do the trick. A little interlude letting us surfacing for some air, for what’s coming up. "Interstellar" seriously got me good. Opening with ambient keys, it slowly invites us to other realms, and galaxies.The drums taking their time in the background, appears and reveals to us the rhythm the beat that will lead the way. Soon the bass and the synth make their apparition, all is planned out and well done. Without knowing how, we are sent to a vast multitude of unknown stars, planets, and worlds, and we accept it. They are talented to make the listener travel with images and feelings. This track is my favorite so far. The very last minute of the song is amazing.

"Orbiting Jupiter" offers a big surprise : Classical piano teamed with synth to add ambiance. Less than three minutes of classical music to lighten up the atmosphere, I didn't have a look at the length of the song, so all of the time I was expecting or fearing a cut with a big riff or bass banging, but no, this is another interlude, well made, welcomed right after this big track that "Interstellar" is. "Return Voyage" is the final track, we are aiming to return to the starting point, home. I love the bass. It’s quite metallic , sharp, clean, and provocative. Again, the drums are flawless.

This is like having ISIS traveling into space and busting out their amp into black holes and stellar voids around the eternal An amazing song! Quite simple looking but so effective and technically fantastic. A voyage through stellar landscapes, eating constellations for breakfast, playing pinball with planets around the space continuum! Full speed ahead in our space suit, fearless and smiling we make this return voyage, free from everything,exploring ,and overwhelmed by the infinite! « Continuum » offers strong instrumental music that needs no lyrics at all, letting the listener to feel free to explore in their own way the vastness of space, with their own emotions and feelings through this amazing journey.


Memorability: 10
Production : 10

5 Star Rating

1. Into The Abyss
2. Jupiter
3. Solar Storm
4. Io
5. Surfacing for Air
6. Interstellar
7. Orbiting Jupiter
8. Return Voyage
Nick Hannon - Bass
Marlon King - Guitars
Blake - Electronics
Stevie B - Drums
Record Label: H42 Records


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