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Sonus Corona - Time Is Not On Your Side Award winner

Sonus Corona
Time Is Not On Your Side
by Joseph Hausmann at 07 January 2020, 10:02 PM

Along the west coast of Finland there is a bustling city named Turku. Known for Turku Castle, this Finnish city is also home to SONUS CORONA. Formed in 2011 this Progressive Metal outfit has set out to blend creative, catchy melodies with heavy instrumental riffs. Like all bands it started with one person having an idea that blossomed eventually into a full band. Since their inception, the band released their self-titled debut album in 2015 and have now released their sophomore album “Time Is Not On Your Side” which was released in November of 2019. This album is full of interesting sounds that challenge and push the boundaries of your musical tastes. Throughout the album, you are always discovering new things.

“Induction” kicks off the album with an atmospheric drone that broadens into a synth melody that sounds futuristic. The melody then quiets to a soft piano melody that then rages into a heavy instrumental riff. Throughout the track there is a perfect balance between keyboard, guitars, and vocals. The song is crisp, clean, and very refined. “Unreal” adds a layer of violin melodies that is layered upon a piano melody. The guitars come in and mimic the melody but gives it the heavy drive. The vocals give a soaring melody that makes you feel like you are in a futuristic soundscape. The piano also comes back later at a deeper tone than the instrumentals to give the track a darker feel before breaking back into the bright vocal work. The song really plays on the struggle between bright and dark tones to give the track a constant vibe of transition. “Swing Of Sanity” is probably one of the most interesting tracks on the album. A metal band that goes out of their way to put jazz elements into their music is bold and respectable. To be able to blend them well though, that takes some real skill. SONUS CORONA has that odd skill to be able to pull it off. The track is one dark, swing melody with jazz-like vocal ranges and instrumentals. The sound it produces is gritty, theatrical, and extremely well done. I was actually quite taken aback about how well they pulled this off.

“Oblivion” returns us to a more traditional sound with heavy, driving riffs to begin the track before melting away into another soaring vocal performance that is paired with moderate instrumental melodies. Towards the middle of the track the melodies become very melancholy before opening back up to bright, hopeful tones. “Illusions” gives us an alien or space like melody to begin before slowly blossoming into a powerful ballad that really pulls at you heart strings. The guitar melody is completely clean with no distortion and is layered upon an acoustic melody. This track shows off the softer side of SONUS CORONA but is no less powerful. The track is very short but gives us that break to really let the first half of the album sink in. “Here” is the final track on the album. The atmospheric soundscape that begins the track really sets the mood for the closing track. This song features a female vocalist which adds yet another layer to this well-made album. The melody that she sings throughout the beginning of the song is melancholic yet beautiful. This track gives the album a good sense of closure.

SONUS CORONA produced an excellent sophomore album that really pushes the bounds. Throughout the entire album, there are so many elements and layers to listen to that you will find yourself listening to every track more than once. “Time Is Not On Your SIde” really focuses on the band’s collective talents and emphasizes each one of them. The experimentation on this album was bold, interesting, and in the end very well done. SONUS CORONA has set the bar even higher for themselves with this album. There are many more tracks on this album, but you need to experience them for yourself so you can discover your favorite parts as well.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Induction
2. Unreal
3. The Refuge
4. Swing Of Sanity
5. Oblivion
6. Time Is Not On Your Side
7. Illusions
8. Moment Of Reckoning
9. To The Ground
10. Fading
11. Here
Ari Lempinen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Harri Annala - Guitar
Miika Erkkilä - Bass
Rasmus Raassina - Drums
Esa Lempinen - Keys
Timo Mustonen - Vocals
Record Label: Inverse Records


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