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Sonus Mortis – War Prophecy

Sonus Mortis
War Prophecy
by Craig Thrasher Rider at 06 July 2015, 7:05 AM

I do love one-man projects; you can tell they dedicate their whole life into this one product. And the greatness of Kevin Byrne did just that, I believe. Previously in the band VALEDICTION he formed a solo act – SONUS MORTIS, and after listening to the act's second album “War Prophecy” countless times, I'm proud to review this one: With an extensive tracklist as you can see we have ourselves a killer record to enjoy.

Formed on Irish grounds Kevin Byrne created a Dark, Symphonic, Death Metal band to bang our heads to. Death Metal is one of my favourite genres so already I approve of this venture. Being a one-man project already this gets my full attention and respect and after listening to it a good few times before reviewing, you'd be a fool to pass this great masterpiece up. Yep, it already deserves that rank.

It does surprise me how one person can produce such greatness with the talent of one individual, combining atmospheric/symphonic elements typically, this fuses the Death Metal masterpiece into one fantastic album “War Prophecy”.

All lengthy 15 tracks are well written and well performed with extra elements such as keyboards/pianos and add for a rich headbanging experience. Influenced by acts such as FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, SEPTIC FLESH, FEAR FACTORY, BEHEMOTH and EMPEROR, this adds a nice mental visual of what this man can make. The growls range from low to high pitched, and are utilized excellently for both high-speed frenzies and slow-paced quakes alike. If these one-man projects can be performed live, we would be in for a treat so I do hope this can be pulled off!

This album has unlimited points of interest and a fine sound production to boot, everything is near spot on and perfect for a one-man Death Metal project: sound production, as previously stated, amazing vocals that can mix a fusion of all sorts at times, and instrumentation that fuses most genres of Metal into one fine package. Thrash, Death, Black etc. There really are no faults here, just talent incarnate.

If you think a fusion of BEHEMOTH and DEATH with an atmospheric touch sounds killer, then I can guarantee “War Prophecy” is for you. I can't really say much else, great albums such as this don't need to much words for you to read any more. If this artwork and review and even tracklist doesn't tickle your fancy as a Death Metal fan, I'm not sure what else I can say. Overall, this is an album I'll be listening to again and again in the near future.


5 Star Rating

1. Chthonic Chasm
2. War Prophecy
3. Revelations
4. The Crypt Of The Death Prophet
5. Banshee Remnants
6. Sonus Mortis
7. Mass Exodus
8. The Rise Of The Obsidian Destroyer
9. Memento Mori
10. Systematic Eradication
11. Shell Shocked
12. Cavity
13. The New Holocaust Hypocrisy
14. Necronom IV
15. Zenith
All tracks written and performed by Kevin Byrne
Record Label: Independent


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