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Sora - Desire And Truth

Desire And Truth
by Grigoris Chronis at 28 May 2010, 2:05 PM

“Desire And Truth” is ready to rock the world”, reads a headline at the Avenue Of Allieslabel’s main page and if you’re ready to laugh in secret you better think again. The second album of SORA is as rockin’ as it can get and would really top the fans’ interest some other place some other time…Still, for the alive ‘n’ kickin’ lovers of bluesbrakin’ traditional Hard Rock “Desire And Truth” is more than a suggestion, reaching the ‘must have’ status.

Erol Sora, primarily located in Canada but eventually looking for the big one in California and London, may be a known name to many via his deeds with JOHN LOWTON BAND. Recording and touring excessively with the ex-URIAH HEEP legendary frontman, Erol took the chance to form his own band too putting on the table all his experience and ‘British’ know-how. SOLA released their debut album “Demented Honour” showing an attractive profile for lovers of vintage Hard Rock. Now, with “Desire And Truth” – which is even harder - it’s time for a commercial breakthrough if exterior factors exploit this direction since…

…the album itself shall mean big things to guitar-driven emotional British/Canadian Hard Rock genuine aficionados. Think of Canada’s TRIUMPH, MOXY, APRIL WINE and SANTERS at their finest moments and then jump across the ocean to flirt with late THIN LIZZY, U.F.O., Gary Moore and early MSG. It’s impressive how Erol’s band has developed equally both countries’ basics (“Taste Of Rock & Roll”, “Rock & Roll Dog”), not to mention the sound is as vintage as you would fancy gearing up to your favorite Rock Club on a Saturday Night. Erol’s playing is convincing; he’s not a rattlebrain, he’s more of a think-of-what’s-needed-here guitarist whose use of wah-wah brought Frank Marino to mind while the concrete riffing in more wild parts (“The Storm Has Just Begun”) will not let the outline of Michael Schenker go unnoticed. Milder parts (“When You’re Gone”) are equally appealing, not to forget, flirting with the 60s/70s majestic period of Rock (CREAM, LED ZEPPELIN).

Erol’s voice is nice, with enough warmth and vintage feeling; with an even greater singer the whole album would climb a couple of scales upper, Id’ like to point out. Still, hands down, “Desire And Truth” is an ass-kicking album you’ll fall in love with if your Hard Rock is exploiting but also emotional (“Diamonds In The Wind”) based on the British and Canadian tradition. Nuff said, I think.

P.S.: Half a century in Rock use, the Hammond organ kicks ass when the music’s good.

4 Star Rating

  1. Taste Of Rock & Roll
  2. The Storm Has Just Begun
  3. What’s It Gotta Do With You And Me
  4. Winter
  5. When You’re Gone
  6. Diamonds In The Wind
  7. Invitation
  8. Stop Messin’ Around
  9. Rock & Roll Dog
  10. When You Gonna Love Me
Erol Sora - Vocals, Guitars
Jay Solyom - Drums
Brendan Mooney - Bass
Gregory MacDonald - Hammond Organ
Record Label: Avenue Of Allies


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