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Sorcerer - Lamenting of the Innocent Award winner

Lamenting of the Innocent
by Eric Poulin at 31 May 2020, 4:18 AM

SORCERER is an Epic/Doom metal band, from Stockholm, Sweden. They were originally formed in 1988 and re-activated in 2010. This is their third full-length album entitled “Lamenting of the Innocent” which will be officially released on May 29th, 2020 on the Metal Blade Records label. It was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström.

As I usually like to do, here is my history with this project. I discovered them only a few years after they had reunited, when “In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross” came out in 2015. I was simply blown away by the melodies and the vocal style of one Anders Engberg who sounded like the perfect cross between DIO (during the Sabbath years) and CANDLEMASS. I would later realize after listening to the album multiple times, how much their music reflected those 2 artists as well, yet still had a very distinct sound in an overcrowded genre.

The Hammer of Witches” which opens the album, also happens to be the first video released for the album and when I first heard the song, my first thought was, how on earth did these guys manage to sound even heavier now than on the last record ? Well they did, and the crushing guitar sound on this one pounds right through your chest like a sledgehammer. What else is there to love on this song? Well if you know the band, they are keen on having the absolute best sounding production. The song has a naturally beautiful chorus, matched with some nasty growls (something that was not present on their previous material) and epic melodies makes for an instant classic. The added spoken-word element in the music, even if short-lived, adds an extra layer to the witch thematic.

What follows is the title track “Lamenting of the Innocent” and it begins with some wind sound and fire crackling effects. If you are familiar with their other songs, they know to create a dark and ominous atmosphere probably like no other band right now. The prophetic style of the vocals really hits a home run on this one.  The chorus sent shivers up my spine on the first listen, something these guys pull off on so many ways. Maybe it is the dual vocals, or just simply how it is delivered with pure emotion that has that effect on me. The rough vocals on the other side work so well in creating a different dynamic.

After being taken on quite the trip into darkness and decay, get ready to let your hair loose and bang your head in appreciation to the crusher “Institoris”, it is certainly straight to the point. The middle portion of the song somehow reminded of the heavier numbers of DREAM THEATER, when they choose to go down a less progressive road. Again, I do no want to sound repetitive, but the band really masters the art of telling a great story in their choruses. I would not be surprised if this song becomes a fan favorite.

Where Spirits Die” goes more into the sad realm laid before us through the Peaceville Records bands. It is a much slower tempo than the previous 2 tracks, and if you remove the heavier parts, it has the blueprint of a good slow hard rock song. What differentiates it from the latter is the reverberating guitar tone, that has made the band’s sound so special over the years.

If you are not aware by now, I am a huge fan of acoustic guitar intros. Especially, when they are matched with crying guitar notes. Such is the case in “Deliverance” that somehow reminded me of “Planet Caravan”, some notes are similar, but the overall vibe of the song (with some added symphonic/violin parts) just made me think of that BLACK SABBATH classic. The song itself is a ballad (something I rarely enjoy usually), but this one really puts the vocal talents of Anders Engberg at the forefront.

Age of the Damned” is another powerhouse with its slow slashing guitar riffs. If some of you know the early days of TAD MOROSE, this was their driving force in the early 1990s. A grim tale with a slow progression, both lyrically and musically, that will stick to your memory for quite some time, I assure you. What is even crazier is how these 8-minute songs just flow perfectly without dwelling too much on any arrangement and give the impression of being short compositions. That is a lost art these days and something I have always admired in their writing style. Something I have not mentioned is how the solos do not go overboard into an endless maelstrom of notes, they have a purpose and fit into the pattern of the songs.

I could easily go on with endless details about all the songs, but there is another great standout on this effort which is “Dance with the Devil” that was also released as a music video recently. Imagine being the hero of a story, who is torn between fear and the need to fulfill his destiny, by going to the deepest and darkest parts of his mind and soul and you have the essence of this song. Certain bands have that power to bring us on a journey, by telling us a great story and making us the centerpiece of it, such is the case with SORCERER.

Well, what has not been said in my previous words for all these songs? Not much really! What blew me away, was that I absolutely loved their last 2 albums and I could not imagine them writing anything superior to those records. Boy was I wrong, this is a new level of perfection on all musical levels. If I have not sold you on this band yet, I doubt anything will. I surely hope you will enjoy this album as much as I did.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Persecution
2. The Hammer of Witches
3. Lamenting of the Innocent
4. Institoris
5. Where Spirits Die
6. Deliverance
7. Age of the Damned
8. Condemned
9. Dance with the Devil
10. Path to Perdition
Anders Engberg - Vocals
Richard Evensand - Drums
Kristian Niemann - Guitars
Peter Hallgren - Guitars
Justin Biggs - Bass
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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